Price cut

4 Apple Tree Lane

4 Apple Tree Lane

4 Apple Tree Lane, from $950,000 to $850,000. It’s at the base of Palmer Hill, and across the “lane” (I think it’s a shared dirt driveway, actually, but my memory may be wrong) is the junk collection and construction equipment of one of Ada’s relatives. Plus, all that hill looming above it will soon be a construction site. But all that said, $850,000 for  1.3 acre lot is probably a decent deal.


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  1. Anonymous

    If memory serves me right, I believe there is a river/stream that cuts through the middle of the property. That may explain the discount as it may impact what you can build, how big you can build it and how you can position the house.

  2. Anonymous

    Couldn’t this be a lot split? It has a ton of road frontage… What zone is this in?

  3. Birdseye

    There are a few homes that share the driveway of AppleTreeLane
    Additionally, and most notably ATKO landscaping co.
    I’d say approximately 10 trucks, plus drop offs from other local tree trimmers…
    They’ve got a nice deal on firewood bundles and are stacking up big time for next year.
    Speaking of firewood and neighbors along the ATL…
    FIrewood by Gus Cantavero, who passed away this fall, is somewhat operational, but charges nearly what VT GoodWood charges…and they charge extra for stacking!
    VTGW, stacked, clean, pay, done. Worked like a charm this winter🔥
    And yes, a stream runs through, continues through Tina Pray’s rental, runs parallel to old orchard and Steve Youngs childhood home, bisects HOTSY’s former favorite driving range, continuing its 2 mile journey to Binney Park mud flats.
    That’s all for now!

    • former og lifer

      Birdseye – You’ve been around awhile, no? Remember when there were horses on Old Orchard & Sheephill?

        • elena

          I am the wife of the late, Firewood by Gus, and I must comment on the price of what you speak of for wood, make sure you have your facts right. Please, and maybe I stand corrected. But, they use the term face cord, which is really a half cord. When I sell a cord it is a full cord. 4x4x8. It is not a face cord which in reality is a half cord. And, it is not kiln dried, it is the real stuff, aged and burns slow and hot. Kiln wood goes up like paper and it’s cut too small because it’s green and they have to bake it quickly to sell. The stacking (because our wood is cheaper), we do charge a small fee for stacking. Some people want you to walk through their entire back yard which could be 70 to 100 yds. That kind of delivery could take 2 hours. Thank you for this opportunity to speak, and I do understand the confusion, which I think is done on purpose by competitors. If I am wrong please accept my apologies in advance.
          And, yes at one time Apple Tree Lane had chickens, goats, cows, sheep, horses, Black Angus and a monkey. Plus, a lot of sweat, and dirt under the fingernails…it was called hard work.

    • Birdseye

      Yea, I’m a grumpy old bastard alright-
      Up @ 430am-in bed by 8

    • Cobra

      Re: firewood…I’ve sourced fine, aged hardwood from Brian Krois (contact info noted in this blog’s “Helpful Information”) in years past. Fair prices and stacked, as well. Nice guy.

      • Anonymous

        I pay $180 for a full cord, not stacked.

        • Anonymous


          1 FULL CORDS $170
          HALF A CORD $120

        • Birdseye

          Best price by far anon@10:12
          Add that one to your list BC I’m too lazy to get off my arse and write it down.

  4. Anonymous

    Stag lane with another reduction