Three houses that may sell for less than they’re asking for

(Well okay, almost every house sells for less than its asking price, but I thought it was a cute follow-up to the header below. In any event, here are three new listings.)

19 Indian Head Rd

19 Indian Head Road

19 Indian Head Road, new today, wants $5.2 million, at least for now. The house next door, same era, same broker, started at $4.7 a couple of years ago and ended at $3.9, and a similar fate may await this one. Nice house, great location, but at some point, there’s a limit, no? We’ll see.

197 Stanwich

197 Stanwich Road

197 Stanwich Road, $2.395 million, looks intriguing and I wish I could see it tomorrow at its open house, but I had to return to Maine for a bit – I’ll ask Gideon or the Mickster for a review. There doesn’t seem to be much left of the original 1850 house, but really, who actually wants to live like their great-grandparents did?

250 Old Church Road

250 Old Church Rd

And 250 Old Church Road, $3.3 million, could be interesting. I like the Austin Peterson firm’s designs, generally, although the house they designed on Cos Cob Harbor on Lowther Point seems to grow uglier in my eyes every time I pass it heading out; I suppose everyone’s allowed a screw-up now and then, even with a $30 million house. This one looks pretty good, although the back yard, at least in its photos, seems postage sized. Again, I’ll have to rely on others report back tomorrow.

UPDATE: A reder corrects me – it was  Shope Reno that designed the Loather Point house, not Austin Peterson – my apologies to the latter firm for linking their name to this oddity.



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13 responses to “Three houses that may sell for less than they’re asking for

  1. Mickster

    I’m surprised at the Indian Head Rd price. I’m not spending $5+ million for a house with a detached garage – porte-cochere or not! Some great spaces to hangout, though. Fireplace placements seems odd. Master and dining room trim strange. This price range is a crowded space in Riverside and nothing is moving. These guys are building on Club so they are not rushed. I’d buy Denis Conroy’s new build around the corner if I had this money to spend.

  2. Anonymous

    The indian head house is beautiful. So is the one on Stanwich. As for Old church: is that all of the kitchen? It is really tiny considering the size of the home. And what’s with the big pile of dirt (covered with grass/shrubs) in front of the house. I think I’d take that mountain out.

  3. Riverside Chick

    I believe the house next door was the Tudor that had multiple additions and it looked and felt like it had multiple additions.

  4. Riverside

    The big house on Lowther Point? Not Austin Patterson, that was Shope Reno.

  5. Anonymous

    Never really liked anything Shope Reno did except for the new Audubon center. Everything else is either super clunky and chunky or just generic.