Not much actual real estate news to report, but here’s a price cut

27 Chieftans

27 Chieftans

27 Chieftans, now down to $2.850 million. Owners paid $3.687 for it in 2004, did some sprucing up and tried for $4.6 in ’06, and have been trying unsuccessfully to unload it for a while now. The Chieftains development on the old Bernard Gimbel estate was a winner back in 1995, but prices have been declining there ever since. Wrong part of town, and the designs are out of favor.


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25 responses to “Not much actual real estate news to report, but here’s a price cut

  1. Cos Cobber

    I have been in some that have been renovated and thought the design/flow was real nice.

    I could be wrong, but I think this complex has historically appealed to executives with heavy travel schedules, so the e-z access to HPN and the merritt has appeal. However, now those types are more often back in Manhattan or landing at new digs down in Gwich proper downtown.

  2. anon

    I think the sellers made a mistake trying to update the kitchen by installing that trendy but blinding glass tile backsplash. The rest of the house is 100% pure 1995. I would have left the kitchen that way too and let the new owners gut renovate to their own taste.

  3. Mickster

    Fabulous value.

  4. Anonymous

    According to Zillow, this home sold for 5.6m in 2007. So the current price is half off – wonder how many Greenwich homeowners think their homes are worth millions more than they actually are? Wow

  5. Jonathan

    Go stand in your front yard, fix your eyes up about 100 FT and 300 yards away and imagine there being a passenger jet there coming in for a landing. And imagine that occurring about 250 times per day. That’s the problem with Chieftans.

  6. Mickster

    FYI –
    2016 Single Family deals under contract to 2/25/16:
    Under $1 million – 10
    $1m – $2 million – 22
    $2m – $3 million – 11
    $3m – $5 million – 6
    $5m – $7 million – 2
    $7 million – 0

  7. Anonymous

    Only 5.6 years of inventory in the 3m+ range? So for those that own in this range and think they’ll want to make a move in the next few years should probably think about listing soon – right?

    • Mickster

      Absolutely. I looked at the deals at this time last year. We had SEVENTEEN $3m+ deals under contract as opposed to EIGHT this year so we’re down 50% so far in that price range. If Wall Street woes continue it’s going to be a lean year in that price range.

  8. Anonymous

    Count yourself lucky with whatever RE sales you are getting.
    No one is going to be moving into CT given current fiscal incompetence and mismanagement. CT deficit revised from $20million to $900 million.

  9. Flash

    Apr 2020 -July 2015 USState Growth

    Says its census data supposedly includes illegals, right?
    Look at Texas and CA

  10. LocationLocationLocation

    Here’s another recent price cut. For only a little more 3.15 , you can get yourself a townhouse, woohoo!

    • Flash

      Those are the best spacious empty-nester units in town.
      Just too bad about the approach.
      Also, not sure about wanting to be on top or underneath.

  11. AJ

    The eyebrow over the front window is quite disturbing.