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New you can use, if you’re a market timer

Scientists: Universe won’t end for at least another 2.8 billion years.



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“New” listings

Some are just being delisted after their old listing expired, like

26 Stag

26 Stag Lane

26 Stag Lane, asking $3.950 million. This was a good house, built by (the good) Richard Harris back in 2006, but I think, and he thought, he was lucky to get out of it in 2007 for $4.250 million. It’s down in a hollow, on a narrow, shared driveway, and is adjacent to the Merritt, so only the irrational exuberance of 2007 could have yielded that price.

As was demonstrated by the buyer, who lost it to foreclosure, and watched it sell to the present owner for $2.6 in 2013. Now that guy is trying for the 2007 price, assuming, I assume, that he got a bargain three years ago. My feelings on “bargains” is that you always end up paying exactly what something’s worth, if not more.

15 Wykham

15 Wyckham Hill

And the same status for 15 Wykham Hill Lane, back from the expired at $3.950 million. The listing says “custom built” and it was, by Hobbs, one of the finest, but back in 1996. It sold to this owner for $3.3 million in 2000, and he’s been trying to resell it since 2008, when he tried for $5.295. It’s been dropping ever since, and the last price before this, in November, was $3.995. The trouble with custom designs is just that: they’re custom, built around the owners’ tastes. The taste of this oner matched that of the people he bought it from but since then, no one’s showed up with the same esthetics. I happen to like it, but I’m not a buyer.


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Price Cut

24 Highlnd Farm Road

24 Highland Farm Road

24 Highland Farm Road, which started off at $7.795 million, is down to $5.995. That may still not be enough, but it’s a lovely house, custom built for the owners back in the day (1987), and not too too far up Round Hill.

Video tour here, if you’re interested


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Sale prices reported

1093 KIng Street

1093 King Street

1093 King Street, an 1850 home on 3 acres, sold for $1.550 million. Purchased for $1.575 in 2003, “completely renovated” in 2011, sold for less. So it goes.

101 Lockwood

101 Lockwood Rd

101 Lockwood Road, Riverside, $2.3 million, bought for $2.1 in 2010. Discussed here previously when it went to contract, perfectly decent house for this price range.



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No sooner did we say that the + $3 million market is moribund then …

Three new contracts are reported. Mind you, the pending sales of two of them might not give too much cheer to sellers of big ticket homes but hey, at least there are buyers.

32 lower cross

32 Lower Cross Road

32 Lower Cross Road has a contract, asking $7.1 million. That’s great, but it did start off, long, long ago, (April, 2012) at $11.750.

56 Kernan Pl

5 Kernan Place

Another old chestnut dating back to 2012 is 5 Kernan Place, in Old Greenwich, most recently asking $3.3 million. It once asked $4.5. I’ve always liked this house, and so so over the years, but a 6 bedroom home screams for lots of children, and this one has no yard. That proved to be a tough sell.

16 Mortimer

16 Mortimer Drive

And 16 Mortimer Drive, Old Greenwich, new, post-Sandy construction, sold in October 2014 for $2.940 in 2014, was placed back up for sale just bout  moth ago t $3.175, and has a buyer. Completely FEMA compliant, as you’ll note from the stairs leading up to it, but apparently the prospect of carting groceries and children up those stairs is not a deterrent.


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There’s always a place for GHS’s Winters: ROTC commander

ROTC cadets forced to march in red high heels to demonstrate solidarity with women. (The is a story from last year, but given this week’s event at our PC high school, I thought it’d be fun to revisit it.

ROTC students in high heels


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If global warming is real, why do scientists lie about it?

polar bear and penguin

North meets south: “actual footage” of endangered polar bear touring Antarctica, looking for new living quarters

Polar bear eats cub, “scientists” blame global warming 

Long time fans of the global warming hysteria will remember when global warmists used poor bears as poster boys for their religion, only to quietly demote them after it turned out that the bears were flourishing and in fact increasing in numbers.

Beginning in 2009, a new story  started appearing in the alarmist press claiming that, “well yeah, there may be more polar bears, but what about seals? There aren’t enough seals, so the bears have turned to eating their young, and now they’re in trouble”. This, too was promptly debunked, but the claim persists, and will be repeated as “science’ by the popular media until something better comes along.

So again: if the science is “settled”, why all the distorted statistics and, in the case of polar bears, outright lies?


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