If global warming is real, why do scientists lie about it?

polar bear and penguin

North meets south: “actual footage” of endangered polar bear touring Antarctica, looking for new living quarters

Polar bear eats cub, “scientists” blame global warming 

Long time fans of the global warming hysteria will remember when global warmists used poor bears as poster boys for their religion, only to quietly demote them after it turned out that the bears were flourishing and in fact increasing in numbers.

Beginning in 2009, a new story  started appearing in the alarmist press claiming that, “well yeah, there may be more polar bears, but what about seals? There aren’t enough seals, so the bears have turned to eating their young, and now they’re in trouble”. This, too was promptly debunked, but the claim persists, and will be repeated as “science’ by the popular media until something better comes along.

So again: if the science is “settled”, why all the distorted statistics and, in the case of polar bears, outright lies?


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8 responses to “If global warming is real, why do scientists lie about it?

  1. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    They’re “Progressives” they can’t help themselves lying big whoppers is in their DNA.

  2. Gruber Green Effect has caused the Green Lemming population to flourish.
    Present Head of EPA, Suethemall & Slimes have set the standards for “friendly” Eminent Domain taking & lawsuits are worth millions to professional liars. Their bragging rights includes selling out our children’s Calf Island for 6.5 million in case a bird or two might drop eggs there. Y needed a bigger pool, could not get 1m for island on market. Fake fear factor here was a developer was going to build 6 to 23 houses there so the Feds had to step in. Same scammers are being paid by us. Virtually every heartfelt well meaning organisation in Town jumped on board to make sure youngsters did not go their for camps.
    Relative Dwight Moody, who helped bring Y here was a strong champion for education & physical experience through a variety of religions for their personal independence.He died on his Alexander farm before the Y was building was built here but did motivate the Witheralls & 80 years later Charlie Gallagher to encourage children to be proud through physical skills instead of bar time & drug use.
    Personal pride and independence is hard to sell after all they hear now is there existence is ruing the planet, killing Polar Bears & only the government can protect them.
    Eminent Domain leads to Eminent Government.
    Fake Fear is what Gruber Greens count on.
    Getting sense that White Lies Matter is real.
    Fine people here & their children have the chance to turn our local history around each Non-Profit at a time to return the environmental movement back its real roots, real facts & Love of all creatures, even humans.
    Good place to start…..Calf Island back to our local control for our children….

  3. weakleyhollow

    Male black bears do the same thing, but not because of “global warming.” The female will not menstruate again until she stops nursing. Dad likes to start over. It is just a fact of nature. We hunters are agnostic on the whole thing, since the population is exploding, and this behavior is rare.

  4. greenwich dude

    the only thing that appears true is that the earth is in a short term (decades) warming trend that appears to a) deviate from limited historical measurements and b) correlate with some human source factors, particularly atmospheric CO2.

    what that in itself means and what should be done about it if anything beats me, but it sure has created a polarized (pun?) political discussion that is predictably stupid.

    i wouldnt buy low lying waterfront though

    • Yos

      Well, truth be told, atmospheric CO2 fluctuates, between 1/4 of 1/10th of 1% to about 2/5 of 1/10 of 1%, depending on location, altitude, time of day, month etc. etc.

      Note, too, that the human contribution to CO2 is less than a fifth – about 16, 17% of total molar CO2 concentration.

      The main problem with CO2 – AGW theory is that there is no direct measurement possible for CO2 contributions.

      CO2 is a trace gas, thanks in large part to rain and to the Kreb’s Cycle. The presence of H20 as a greenhouse actor dominates CO2 anywhere from two orders of magnitude (at the poles, dry) to about four orders (at the equator, wet.)

      Given that CO2 is a global warming piker, and human concentration a small contributor to even that, Hell Mabel! Fire up the BBQ.

      BTW… being paid to lie. So we’re told that “skeptics” are being paid by “big oil.” But never fear! Universities and NGO’s, which receive government and UN funds to “study” AGW are considered impartial. (Stop laughing.)

  5. >>If global warming is real, why do scientists lie about it?<<

    Because they are paid to?