New you can use, if you’re a market timer

Scientists: Universe won’t end for at least another 2.8 billion years.



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23 responses to “New you can use, if you’re a market timer

  1. Cos Cobber

    Predicting the end of the universe…sounds easier than calling tomorrow’s weather.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    OMG…. I’m so relieved.

  3. Anonymous

    6 pm – still 590 in town w/o power.
    Where’s all the trouble?

  4. Brad Benedict

    Chris Fountain : I am done hijacking your stuff. Apologies for the intrusion.As before said, I have a lot to admire about you.

    • Walt

      How can you leave now? You and the Dude were just doing the whole internet dating thing. Would a picture of the Dude help you change your mind? I BET IT WOULD!! Here you go:

      You little star crossed lovers!! I am rooting for you two!

  5. Anonymous

    Mr. B B don’t go away. What hijacking are you doing? We need more liberals around here

    • Richard

      The “disaster waiting to happen” quote was from the president of Riverkeeper, who doesn’t know the difference between a neutron and an Allen wrench.

  6. Mark Ed Lee

    There’s a big asteroid coming at us next week, and I am predicting a planet-splitting earthquake in the Pacific any day now. Don’t buy any green bananas, boys and girls. Make your peace with Jesus.

  7. Anonymous

    seriously? OMG gonna google that right now!!

  8. Richard

    Do you think demand for huge backcountry houses will recover by then?