No sooner did we say that the + $3 million market is moribund then …

Three new contracts are reported. Mind you, the pending sales of two of them might not give too much cheer to sellers of big ticket homes but hey, at least there are buyers.

32 lower cross

32 Lower Cross Road

32 Lower Cross Road has a contract, asking $7.1 million. That’s great, but it did start off, long, long ago, (April, 2012) at $11.750.

56 Kernan Pl

5 Kernan Place

Another old chestnut dating back to 2012 is 5 Kernan Place, in Old Greenwich, most recently asking $3.3 million. It once asked $4.5. I’ve always liked this house, and so so over the years, but a 6 bedroom home screams for lots of children, and this one has no yard. That proved to be a tough sell.

16 Mortimer

16 Mortimer Drive

And 16 Mortimer Drive, Old Greenwich, new, post-Sandy construction, sold in October 2014 for $2.940 in 2014, was placed back up for sale just bout  moth ago t $3.175, and has a buyer. Completely FEMA compliant, as you’ll note from the stairs leading up to it, but apparently the prospect of carting groceries and children up those stairs is not a deterrent.


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43 responses to “No sooner did we say that the + $3 million market is moribund then …

  1. Brad Benedict

    Interesting staging in these… Makes me want to insert life of a family unfettered by a decorator… but, really, hope you’ll let me know who you felt was most Presidential in last night’s debate. I won’t bother you further.

    • Anonymous

      I’m a bit late in replying, but am just now recovering from the shock of the utter awfulness of the recent “Presidential debate.” As Chris Wallace put it yesterday it was an embarrassment for the Republican party. I was so upset by the mud-wrestling atmosphere and lack of any specific policy discussion that I started yelling at the TV screen – “STOP IT” – and then turned it off. I can only imagine what George Bush Senior and Barbara were thinking as they witnessed this horror show. I am desperately hoping the Republicans can put forward a candidate who not only can make a strong case against the dreaded Hillary but who will also be able to represent our declining nation with a modicum of dignity. But I’m on the verge of despair in that regard. Greenwich Oldtimer

  2. Seth

    I heard Tesla is coming to Greenwich Ave?

  3. Brad – I don’t think any of these homes were staged. I know for sure that Mortimer was not staged. It’s just decorated very nicely. OK I’ll bite. Carson is always presidential. Kasich was presidential. So was Cruz. Trump and Rubio not as much. Do you think Obama is presidential? How about here:

    • hmmm

      Rubio is a hack. He is more of the same.

    • Brad Benedict

      Okay, I know my sense of taste is rather loose, and that in fact the taking away of messy is helpful in presenting a property, this just seemed like a bath that seemed unreal. I’ve read through that which you put up relative to Presidential. And, I don’t know the protocol having to do with proper grieving. I think Mr. Scalia must have been a brilliant person, well-suited to his station in the Supreme Court… his friendships on and off the court convince me of that. I felt the yelling of last night’s get-together was, for me, mind you, just more than I might expect of those who seek our highest office. TOONCES, thank you for biting.

      • Brad B – there was a moment when Rubio and Trump were interacting that was not so presidential. Cruz i thought stayed above the fray as did Kasich and Carson. Bernie would be a disaster, Hillary is a criminal. Any republican candidate is an improvement over those two – even if they don’t have the comportment that Romney had. Obama has behaved frequently like a petulant teen during the past 7 years.

        • Brad Benedict

          I’ve been branded as a dreadful liberal on this forum, and really, I don’t think this is the forum for a discussion, though iI think it is encouraged. I am a fan of Bernie Sanders. I live in Vermont, and have since 1972, having lived, worked and enjoyed Connecticut prior. I can only think even with the criticism of my thoughts here that Mrs. Clinton might be the best choice to work in what we have as a global sphere. I am horrified. I really do want us all to benefit from the positive efforts we each put forth. Not kidding, and I bet you/others feel some of the same when thinking about our kids?

          • Well of course there’s room for liberals here – welcome! But yes, I do worry about my children’s future, and that’s why I could never vote for Hillary, let alone Sanders. The prospect of Trump is almost as worrisome, but not quite as much, by a smidgeon.

            How you enjoying the statewide property taxes up there? My late uncle, as liberal as his brother was conservative, moved across the border to VT from New Hampshire when he was teaching at Dartmouth (of course), in large part because he thought he should pay an income tax. I admired his willingness to pay for his principles, but was never tempted to emulate him.

          • Brad B – we were just up in Vermont, visiting my sister who works at a rehab farm in Cuttingsville. It’s a beautiful state! Have you ever noticed that Vermont has almost no businesses? And have you ever wondered whether the liberal government has something to do with that? Not that CT is not headed the same way soon. Do you think Venezuela is doing well with its socialist policies? Why would you want a future like that for your kids?

          • I used a VT town – I forget which, now – to teach my children a lesson when we were driving back from skiing. We passed through some derelict downtown, stores all boarded up, and I pointed out that, much as none of us liked what had happened to Greenwich Avenue, it’s grow or die. Lots of towns in Vermont offer that same lesson.
            Nice place to drive through, though, and even spend some time.

        • Walt

          THIS IS SO CUTE!! While one of you is conservative, and the other “progressive”, OPPOSITES ATTRACT!! Let me guess…both of your favorite colors are…..PINK!! You both like to leaf watch, go hiking and bird watch, then make tea and snuggle in front of the fire place. You are Felix and Oscar!! This makes me so happy I need to do the pee pee dance!!

    • Walt

      Being “Presidential” went out the window when Bill Clinton blew his horn on Arsenio Hall. And went further out the window when Monica blew his horn in the Oval Office. And if you think about it, the last “Presidential” “progressive” President was Kennedy. After that they were all just white trash. Including Barry. The Wookie is just ghetto.

      • Anonymous

        Further evidence:

      • George W was not trash. He was the best.

        • Walt

          He also wasn’t a “progressive”. I was referring to LBJ, Carter, Bill and Barry. All the Republicans were Presidential.

        • Chappaqua Conservative

          I just read an article about how Hills is running against everything Bill did in the 90s (no, not Monica). It’s a sign of how far to the left Democrats have shifted, which hasn’t been acknowledged.

          You’re right that a Kennedy voter would be Republican, but for a reason you didn’t consider. Kennedy had a majority of the white vote. In last election, Obama had mid 30s of white vote, which continues a half century trend. The demographic breakout will be interesting this season.

      • Cos Cobber

        If a Bush got a BJ in the oval office by some intern, the media and the left would have had a field day. It would have resulted in a class action sexual harassment case against the entire Republican party (hey, it works when suing the church) and mandatory sensitivity training for all R registered voters. The flogging and outrage would still be simmering today. Instead, because he is their man, Bill gets a pass.

  4. Anonymous

    If not staged, then just really bad/boring taste.

    • Brad Benedict

      Well, I think so.
      And, I defer to Mr. Fountain who I consider the guru of real estate. His logic in that spectrum is, to me, ideal.

    • NY Tax Refugee

      5 Kernan and 16 Mortimer are both decorated in the current style — gray walls, dark stained wood floors, totally neutral carpets, white bathrooms, etc. It’s the neutrality of all these houses that gets to me. They look so bland and cold — like an endless February. I love color and can’t wait for this particular fashion to go out of fashion. At least some homeowners/decorators still put lively colors in kids’ rooms.

      • Anonymous

        Is that even allowed?

        • Anonymous

          you guys are probably of the older set. The gray/modern/sleek not too much clutter is really nice. I used to have french country and let me tell you this modern look is easier to keep clean and a nice change of pace

        • Anonymous

          @6:15, if “older set” means old enough to know how quickly this current fad will pass, then fine. Enjoy it while it lasts.

        • No……I am not 55 and I also don’t love the cold sleek grey color scheme……I do think that it is a trend that will pass in time…….there is no warmth or family/cozy vibe to it in a home……I am not against a more clean-lined, less cluttered look than the colonial/floral/classic style that was in trend 15-20 years ago, but the pendulum has swung too far in the other direction. I went to my doctor today and their office has been renovated to dark grey walls, grey/black/white furniture, cold dark grey/black floors……I have to say while it was clean and modern-appearing, it was also very unfriendly and unwelcoming. When I go over to a friend’s home that has not been recently “done” to the modern trends, it feels much more friendly and comfortable.

          • Anonymous

            You have different tastes which is just fine – decorate your home however you like. You definitely should have color if you like it. You don’t have to be old – you’re a crazy cat lady and so that makes you old

      • NY Tax Refugee

        I’m not even 55 yet.

        I’ll bet the popularity of gray and bland in decor has something to do with our moribund economy. Give me the clean lines of Craftsman style furniture, natural wood, distinctive mouldings/trim, color on the walls, great art, and NO froufrou window treatments and I’ve got a warm and inviting home. Uncluttered but bright and happy.

        • anonymous

          This new style is very New Yorky/Miami Beach and also screams gay decorator. It could not be further from old school WASP style. It is cold and soulless and very representative of the age group that is embracing it. It too will pass.

        • Anon99

          A friend in LA tells me that “cappuccino” is the standard color recommended to stage your home, so the gray may be a regional thing as much as generational.

          I agree its a pretty cold style.

  5. New in Town

    CF, you say 5 Kernan has no yard, but the listing gives it .78 acres, which is pretty large for Old Greenwich. Does it have a lot of unusable space or something?

    • I should have said it has no back yard, and a lot of the front yard is, I think, under the asphalt of the street. May be wrong about the latter, but yes, the biggest drawback of this huge house is its tiny yard.