There’s always a place for GHS’s Winters: ROTC commander

ROTC cadets forced to march in red high heels to demonstrate solidarity with women. (The is a story from last year, but given this week’s event at our PC high school, I thought it’d be fun to revisit it.

ROTC students in high heels


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32 responses to “There’s always a place for GHS’s Winters: ROTC commander

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    And I thought all PROGGIES hate hazing rituals because they are the product of privileged ostensibly straight white males… Who knew?

  2. Mickster

    AJ, I realize you are trying to drive traffic to your ‘blog’ by taking over CF’s and I’m sure other popular blogs but this is infantile. Stop the madness. Get out a little. Smell the roses. Grab a pack of cigarettes. Go play with yourself. Anything but this drivel.

    • anonymouse

      Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      Mickey, here’s the thing … AJ has no incentive or interest in curtailing his aberrant behavior. Commenting on his crap is like wrestling with a pig – he enjoys the attention and nothing useful is accomplished. The only way it ends is if CF puts the kibosh to it, tho he seems to enjoy the AJ drivel. Is it possible that AJ is one of CF’s alternate personalities?

      The solution as I see it, is for there to be an anti-AJ boycott of the blog until he is put on a leash. Him or everyone else is CF’s choice.

    • Walt

      OH NOOOO!!!
      Now he will just go anonymous again, or worse, post under moronic names like “Mike Oxlong”. Notice “Mike” disappeared after I called him out for being the retard? It was totally obvious. You can’t hide retard.

      And you have to realize that is what you are actually dealing with – a full blown retard. I am not calling him names, I actually think he REALLY IS retarded. And when he goes anonymous or under another name, it’s worse, because then I accidentally read some of that obnoxious, never funny, drivel. When he posts under his own name, you don’t have to read it and can just skip it. And you can just think this:

      At least that is what I do. And I would stick a pencil in my eye before I ever clicked on one of his links.

  3. Separate note: in last nights debate Ben Carson declared The IRS targeted him for multiple audits which started immediately after his prayer breakfast speech criticizing Obama ( who was in attendance ). Media coverage?
    crickets …..
    JFC imagine the IRS under Hillary!

  4. Brad Benedict

    Been wondering this morning you all think was the most Presidential in last night’s debate? Thanks.

  5. Anonymous

    After reading this, it’s tough not to donate to Trump. There are nuggets in just about every paragraph. I can remember back in the day when the Economist was a worthwhile read.

    Most of the quotes below could easily apply to Obama but they don’t even get the joke. No wonder Trump has the wind at his back. Just to put a bow on it, “a big majority (of Republicans) are decent, compassionate, tolerant people.” A big majority … how generous.


    One way to judge politicians is by whether they appeal to our better natures: Mr Trump has prospered by inciting hatred and violence. He is so unpredictable that the thought of him anywhere near high office is terrifying. He must be stopped.

    What would he do if faced with a crisis in the South China Sea, a terrorist attack in America or another financial meltdown? Nobody has any idea.

    For those who have yet to notice, Mr Trump is not burdened by a lack of confidence in his own opinions.

    More than 60m people voted for Mitt Romney in 2012. A big majority are decent, compassionate, tolerant people who abhor political violence, bigotry and lying. Thoughtful conservatives will be heart-broken if asked to choose in November between a snarling nativist and a Democrat.

    • anonymous

      The Economist is part of the problem too. They better wake up and take care of their own backyard because it will be in flames by this summer.

    • Anonymous

      Christie was listening:

      • Brad Benedict

        So, you think Trump appeared the most Presidential.

        • Anonymous

          WTF does that even mean? Most Presidential, like an actor playing the role? Or like a president with his NCAA tourney picks, like a college kid on scholarship? Or a putz jonesing for his next round of golf?

        • Kato

          Dude, Our culture is very sick and rotten to the core. There is no one running that appears Presidential at all. Turn on the TV. Sports, News, or Prime time viewing in does not matter. It all looks like a Benetton advertisement. The ship you are looking for has already sailed.

        • Cos Cobber

          Yeah, I don’t understand the point of the question. The socialist Bernie fails short of “Presidential” as well as the great security sieve – Clinton.

          Robot Rubio is probably most Presidential of those left standing, but regardless – its clear we are poised to hit a new modern low with respect to the quality of the one serving the Whitehouse in 2017.

        • anonymous

          So do you think Obama appeared presidential when he played golf after our men were beheaded? Was Obama presidential when he had a love fest with the Bergdahl parents? Is Obama presidential when 100% of the times he blames the Rs for his own failures? Look at your own party president Brad. He’s about as unpresidential as anyone who has ever held office. And don’t get me started about the First Lady.

      • anon

        Twittersphere is going crazy with the Christie endorsement. The only R who is 100% on board is Newt, saying the GOP establishment better hop aboard the Trump train fast because it’s an express to the nomination. The establishment Rs are all bent out of shape, calling Christie every name in the book. Maybe Christie wants to be his Veep or AG?
        I think Trump would do best to find a moderate as his running mate, someone with whom he doesn’t always agree. Even a Dem as his running mate. That would be classic in your face Trump.

    • burningmadolf

      No kidding. The Hilda camp must be telling him to STFU, this could be the bump that would push Trump past her.

  6. Anonymous

    I’ll pay for Sharpton’s one-way airfare, help him pack and then drive him to the airport. Of course, he’ll have to give me his passport. Ha.

  7. LAK

    How come we dont see or hear about Sharpton anymore?
    He was always in the media!

  8. ...

    He’s made his money AND somehow stayed out of prison.