Here’s something title insurance WILL cover


Doing the spadework for profiting in real estate

Texan murders his landlord, then impersonates the poor fellow and sells his house, pocketing the proceeds.

A Texas man is accused of selling the home of his dead former landlord whose corpse found encased in concrete in September was identified earlier this month.

Police on Thursday said they are ruling 57-year-old Ronald Shumway’s death a homicide, according to the Dallas News.

They have not said whether his neighbor, former newspaper photographer Brian Colbert, 43, killed Shumway but they believe he posed as the owner of his Oak Cliff home after he went missing. Shumway owned the property for over 30 years.

Police are still on the hunt for former Dallas Voice photographer Colbert who they say forged signatures on documents, and superimposed his photo over his dead former landlord’s ID



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7 responses to “Here’s something title insurance WILL cover

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    How many dead hooker bodies in the basement would title insurance cover?
    I am asking for a friend.

    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous

      I told you that in confidence,,,Besides that, incoming presidents don’t buy the White House from outgoing presidents. So no title insurance needed? And I would hope there is one of those statue of limits on it anyway. I’m no lawyer….. As ever, Shrub

  2. Anonymous

    This guy obviously watched TBS.
    Law & Order. Season 3. Same premise. Can’t crooks be original anymore?

    • housecat

      That episode was based on the very real criminal antics of (mother and son) Sante and Kenneth Kimes. But you can’t expect originality from sociopaths.

  3. Kensington Smythe IV

    I find the comments by “Walt” to be both verminous and loathly. He should be banned from this blog if you hope to retain even a shred of honour.