So this is where Connecticut residents are fleeing!


Even Dannel’s granny’s gone south

A friend of mine told me she was going to visit her brother in some place called “The Villages”, down in the middle of nowhere in Florida, and the way she sounded abashed made me look it up. Sooo hoo! It’s sex city for grand ma in the swamps! Public nudity, sex on golf carts, a blackmarket in Viagra, and a Happy Hour that starts at 10 am.

There’s a more balanced article on the place over on Buzzfeed, but the Dail Mail article I link to is more fun. Regardless of the reporting, however, it’s clear that the old folks are having fun, and why the hell not? Sure sounds better than sticking around Connecticut waiting for the Democrats to strip your money. If you’re gonna get screwed, do it where its warm and sunny.



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21 responses to “So this is where Connecticut residents are fleeing!

  1. LAK

    Nude Seniors?! No thanks!

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Try-sexuals. They’ll try anything.

  3. I worked in a very high end, expensive “non-profit” retirement community in Westchester not far from the Greenwich border. The men were greatly outnumbered by the women and the place did see some pretty wild goings on.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    The most common medicine prescribed in nursing homes? STD meds. Not kidding.

    • LAK

      OMG…are you serious?

    • That’s an urban legend. It actually meds used to treat depression and chronic diseases. Antibiotics don’t even make the top ten list. The average resident gets about 7 prescription meds per day and a dozen or more isn’t uncommon. Just about everyone gets vitamins too.

      Current prescription medication usage was analyzed for 280 patients who are residents of five skilled nursing facilities in northern Minnesota in July of 2007.
      The top ten most frequently prescribed medications and their associated side effects were identified.
      These results were compared to a study the authors completed regarding the medications most frequently prescribed at these same five facilities in 2003. There were also 280 residents in the 2003 study.
      The eleven most frequently prescribed medications in 2003 were: Lasix (73), Ativan (51), Zoloft (49), Synthroid (48), Risperdal (37), Lanoxin (31), Celebrex (30), Nitroglycern (30), Paxil (25), Norvasc (21), and Remeron (21).
      The most frequently prescribed medications in 2007 are: Lasix (90), Synthroid (71), Lisinopril (65), Zoloft (50), Aricept (46), Ativan (42), Seroquel (41), Coumadin (37), Remeron (37), and Protonix (35).
      When comparing the 2003 study and the 2007 study, five medications were identified in both studies.
      Medications on both lists include: Lasix, Ativan, Zoloft, Synthroid, and Remeron.
      Medications new to the list in 2007: Lisinopril, Aricept, Seroquel, Coumadin, and Protonix.

  5. Anonymous

    Highest rate of STD in State of Florida in The Villages.

  6. Mickster

    I really feel the need to shower….

  7. LAK

    Naked people after a certain age….cover up…shut the lights off!

  8. Kensington Smythe IV


  9. Anonymous

    If you like this sort of thing, the Villages is a good value for the money– if IRS problems created by its multi-billionaire developer, L. Gary Morse, don’t end up as a liability of the community’s homeowners. For trivia fans, Megan Boone, who plays Elizabeth Keene on Blacklist, is Morse’s granddaughter. Like Grace Kelly, an actress with a trust fund.

  10. That tattooed grandma picture ruined my brunch. Yeeeeecccchhh!
    Walt, please post something in the Jap school girls category, quick!

  11. Anonymous

    That looks like the florist from Washington State who refused to sell flowers for a same sex wedding…..Anyway, as Queen Victoria said ” We are not amused “.