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A good reminder for the slow-witted


“If I were you, Mr. Fountain, I’d post his quote every day, just so your humorless readers will get it. Love your blog, by the way.” Mark

Lincoln quote


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Sellers should only hope this trend crosses the Atlantic

getyoufreecash_newboxBritish mortgage rates headed below 1%. At most price ranges, the amount of a buyer’s income is a fixed pie, divided between the seller and the mortgage lender. Reduce the size of one slice and the other necessarily grows larger.

Now that our own Fed has suspended, for now, its announced intention to raise rates this year, perhaps mortgage rates will drop like Britain’s.

Or not; you finance guys can correct me.


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I didn’t understand the “’til death do us part” to mean the death of third parties

Wife of Michigan Uber gunman files for divorce. 

Fickle women!


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If it weren’t for fake hate crimes, we’d have almost no hate crimes at all

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Black Lies Matter!

Black SUNY Albany students who set off demonstrations and protests after alleging they’d been attacked by white students arrested after videos showed they were actually the attackers.

But a police review of video from the bus along with interviews of dozens of eyewitnesses revealed that all of the early reports about the bus attack were false. In fact as the university police chief describes it the report of a racially-motivated attack on the three black women is nearly the opposite of what actually happened on the bus:

“The evidence shows that, contrary to how the defendants originally portrayed things, these three individuals were not the victims of a crime,” university Police Chief Frank Wiley said in the statement. “Rather, we allege that they are the perpetrators.”

“No male struck the three women,” the police statement said. “The evidence indicates they were actually the aggressors … and that they continued to assault the victim despite the efforts of several passengers to stop them.”

Boy, are those girls in trouble!

University President Robert J. Jones published a letter which said in part, “I am deeply concerned, saddened and angry about this incident. There is no place in the UAlbany community for violence, no place for racial intolerance and no place for gender violence.” Jones also promised, “If those individuals are UAlbany students, we will hold them fully accountable for their behavior.”

Ooops! That letter was sent when the bogus story was about black victims – the president’s remained silent about holding anyone accountable now that those to be held accountable aren’t white.

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