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You can tell a campaign has achieved its goals when it starts searching for issue to “solve”


Saving the world, one month at a time

Feminist demand free tampons “as a basic right”.

When the March of Dimes was threatened with extinction after polio was cured (in the western world – rules against cultural imperialism forbid us from imposing it on native cultures), the organization shifted to concern for birth defects and then, child health in general, The organization and its employees were saved, and the money continues rolling in.

So to with modern day feminists, who have reached down and discovered a new cause.This sort of thing is a sign of lack of seriousness and an exhaustion of ideas, but with the support of the New York Times, support for the idea will swell, no doubt.


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Yes, there’s still money available for the right property

46 Byram

46 Byram Drive

46 Byram Drive,  Belle Haven waterfront, was listed last October at $15 million and Ted Theater had a client for it in less than 60 day. Closed today at $14 million.

Beautiful old home.


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New Cos Cob listing

12 Randolph Place

12 Randolph Place

A reader asked about 12 Randolph Place, newly listed today at $2.195 million, but I haven’t seen it yet. From its pictures, it looks like a very house, and I think the area can support that price. I’ll defer to Cos Cobber on this one. While opining, CC, remind me: was this torn down and replaced back in 2005, or merely renovated? I recall new construction going on, and the listing says it is, but I have a niggling memory of it beg a renovation. Regardless, there’s either nothing or very little left of the old structure.

I note that the current property taxes are just $6,417, but I wouldn’t count on that figure lasting long: the town still has it as a 1900 2-family, and will catch up with the new value soon, I’d bet.


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Eventually, they’re going to get this right

41 Medow Wood

41 Meadow Wood Drive

41 Meadow Wood Drive, over there on the Belle Haven peninsula and just downhill from the I-95 Memorial Weigh Station, is back, now priced at $9.450 (down from $9.995 when it expired last month). Will this price finally do it? It’s a damn sight better than the $29 million it started at five years ago, but it remains a contemporary, and as Greenwich real estate guru Tom Gorin once told an owner of a high-end contemporary, “people do want contemporaries, they just don’t want your contemporary”.  At this price range, buyers with individualist tastes prefer to buy exactly what they want, which often means they build to suit themselves.

That often produces a beautiful home that’s a bitch to sell.

There is a separate lot here included in the price, but nothing on this side of the cove has done particularly well, so you might want to be careful assigning too much value to the extra land.


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Two more price cuts yesterday

900 Lake Avenue is down to $2.810 million; it started in 2010 at $4.125. I’ve always liked

900 Lake

900 Lake Avenue

this house and it’s renovation/expansion, but the price sucked; the market has obviously agreed. At this point, it’s been on so long: 1,045 days, that its price is going to be affected, negatively, but at least it’s now in the $2s, and somewhere in that range should probably move it.

16 Old Mill Rod

16 Old Mill Road

Another optimistic home owner has also lowered his sights, and dropped 16 Old Mill Road from its original price of $17.350 million to $12.950. They paid $6.8 for this 1930s house on 5 acres back in 2002 and spent a large sum of money 12 years ago renovating it. Presumably they’ll recover some of the cost of that work, but how much?


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Houses depreciate

97 shore road

07 Shore Road, Old Greenwich

97 Shore Road, Old Greenwich, was purchased for $1.695 million in 2004, underwent a, in my opinion, a so-so renovation and was resold in 2006 for $2.950. Sold yesterday for $2.703.


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A man’s reach should exceed his grasp, else what’s a heaven for?

747 Riversville

747 descending

747 Riversville Road, priced at $7.995 back in 2008, has been dropped to $2.995. Ten acres, great views, 1850 house and, now, excellent price.


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