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Singapore police prepare for arrival of New York liberals

The Daily News, which is in complete panic breakdown over the Donald’s candidacy (samples from just today’s paper: “Donald Trump supporters show their true colors with vulgar, sexist, racist emails”  and“Trump rally – it’s only a matter of time before someone gets killed”)  has now issued  “The Complete Guide to fleeing President Donald Trump’s America”. Top on the list of where to go: Singapore.

The Asian county earned the title for its slew of high-paying jobs, welcoming atmosphere, stellar health care facilities and top-notch public transit. English, one of Singapore’s four official languages, is used frequently, especially in urban areas, so communication barriers are limited for Americans.

“I love the cosmopolitan nature of the city; its international population is well-traveled & open-minded,” one expat said.

As a bonus, Singapore boasts the No. 1 most efficient health care system in the world, as rated by Bloomberg. The U.S. ranks at No. 44, and could dip even lower with Trump at the helm. The billionaire has long blasted Obamacare and scoffed at government-run health care — even though the system seems to be working out really well for Singapore.

Sadly, upon arriving in what the News calls “The most well-rounded country” for would-be expatriates, our refugees will discover that they’ll need a government permit to hold outside assemblies, their newspapers are censored and they can be imprisoned for writing scandalous articles about the government. Abortion laws are as strict as America’s and their precious progeny are required to serve 24 months in the military.

Oh, and they can’t chew gum anywhere in the country, but that’s a good thing, if these people intend to do any walking in their new sanctuary of freedom.

UPDATE: Over at Powerline, John Hineraker picks up another irony from the same article: all those wonderful places that the liberals might want to flee to have strict immigration policies. They’ll probably meet the Donald at the gates of Singapore, checking documents.


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  1. The worst aspect of Singapore is the climate — right on the equator, it is hot, humid, and rainy year round.