New Riverside listing

16 Willow Rd

16 Willow Road – nice yard

16 Willow Road, a 1952 house on a 1/2 acre, is asking $3.1 million. I’d scoff, but it sold for $2.760 in 2013, so….

Of historical interest, there was a rowdy named Chip Mathewson who, back in 1970 or so, backed his Mercury Comet up to the front steps here, then stomped the pedal and left two perfect tire tracks from the road to the porch so that it looked like someone had barely missed hitting the house, all, doubtless, to the great amusement of the owner the next morning.

At least I think it was this house – it might have been the one next door. The listing agent’s husband would know.


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19 responses to “New Riverside listing

  1. Anonymous

    didn’t this sell fairly quickly in a bidding way last time?

  2. Anonymous

    Curb appeal, check. Nice big lot, check. Needs total renovation, check. Chopped up floor plan, check. Priced too high, check.

  3. Anonymous

    The prior purchaser overpaid for a 50’s construction with dated 70s/80s renovations and a bad floorplan in a location that doesn’t justify $2.75m.

    • Anonymous

      Huh? Say what you want about the house…but if you know Riverside, you know this is a good location. Large lot for Riverside as well.

  4. Anonymous

    I disagree, 100k well spent would do a nice job revamping this house. Just doing small stuff like removing the old fashioned chair rails would go a long way. My only concern about the house is in picture 41 there appears to be a ghost, but maybe some will appreciate it.

    It appears that the house is a fishbowl, which is par for the Riverside course. But I guess it’s a bit like Amsterdam, in that you can pick what has peaked your interest at the key party.

    I had considered 35 Willow, a while back, which I believe was an estate sale. We were looking to bottom tick it because of the need for extensive work, but the people who bought it were looking to do a major upgrade. If I remember correctly, their bid was conditional on the town allowing them to install a pool.

    • Mickster

      God bless your innocence if you think $100k is going to revamp a $3m home. I spoke to another realtor the other day whose daughter got a $100k++ quote for 2 small baths.
      This house will always look old unless you totally change that roof line and second floor. And that’s going to take a lot more than $100k.
      I have a half acre lot within yards of this for sale at $2m++ and you could build a beautiful NEW house for $250 per sq ft on it. I know what my choice would be. Old V New. New always wins.

    • Anonymous

      Picture 41?

  5. CT2CA

    Exactly- building for $250 per SF has gone the way of $1 cups of coffee. I can’t imagine that you can really build for less than $350 per SF with the amount of marble, granite and molding that people now consider to be ‘the basics’.

  6. When animals attack

    Is this the house where that assh@le golden retriever goes crazy every time I jog by with my dog? I couldn’t count how many times I’ve nearly had my legs taken out from underneath me bc of that thing.

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      If memory serves correctly, the dog you mention is in the house next door. However, the previous owner of this house a few years back had TWO goldens that would charge the curb at any sign of people or dogs.

  7. Flash

    My guess s this house will sell for land value in about 2 to 3 yrs

  8. Anonymous

    Your friend who is paying $100k to do 2 new small baths is getting completely ripped off and should find another contractor. I have renovated 3 houses in the last 7 years in Greenwich (I’m an end user) and unless we’re talking about reframing/major relocation of waste lines…she’s getting ripped off.

  9. Anonymous

    The house on the corner of willow and riverside Ave sold under 3.9. This house should get 3 easy. I love willow – great block !

    • Riverside Dog Walker

      25 Club Rd just came on at the same price as this. While Willow is indeed a great street and 25 Club is not on the best part of Club Road, as a house to live in, the choice between these two is a no brainer; 25 Club Rd.