Not all styles are timeless

For instance, the 1960s and 70s

James Lileks writes on “The most garish house in the world”.

There are some eras whose design strikes modern eyes as ugly, garish, a crime against good taste. Usually the current generation judges the previous one harshly while romanticizing an era a few decades back, and then comes to appreciate what was once derided. The cycle repeats over and over.

But sometimes you come across an era whose ugliness is not debatable. It’s not a matter of subjective analysis. It’s truth. That era would be the end of the Sixties through the mid 70s, when American design went barking mad – either from drugs, or more likely, to assure actual drug users that you, too were cool. Flashbak says:

In 1969, construction finished on 2055 S Joshua Tree Place, Palm Springs, CA 92264. The three-bedroom, 3.350 square feet property was decorated in the Palm Springs style. There were Moire wallpaper and draperies, gold crystal chandeliers and a wainscoted den. There still is. The place was decorated and left alone. To step inside is to enter a time warp. Let’s take a look around this Modernist masterpiece, valued at $850,000:

I wouldn’t call it Modernist. That would imply restraint.

Here’s the house





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10 responses to “Not all styles are timeless

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    A sex swing in the bedroom, and a stripper pole in the hot tub, and this house is PERFECT!!

    What is not to like?
    Your Pal,

  2. James Lileks has done seminal research in the area of transitory interior design. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

  3. Anonymous

    Just waiting to be rediscovered by the next generation of millennial hipsters. Not sure I agree that everything from that era was bad.

  4. Riverside Chick

    The ceiling fan in the bedroom doesn’t match.

  5. Riverside Chick

    But there is something about this decor that just makes me happy!

    • Anonymous

      Agree. It’s just so cool. Carpet is making me sneeze from here but it doesn’t look very worn at all.

  6. housecat

    I think the dining room photo is the only one that didn’t inspire feelings of dread and panic when I looked at it.

  7. That’s really …well preserved. I mean really that’s a work of genius, you don’t accidentally stumble onto making that, that….that.

  8. I’m recalling that 80’s? song that had the refrain “I wear my sunglasses at night…” You’d have to.

    The only question is what kind: Reflective ones might have a gorgon like effect, but what shading would really be effective in there. Dark green, Yellow.

  9. Anonymous

    Groovy. Thanks for sharing.

    Funny–didn’t see any pictures of the kitchen. Bet that is a blast!