Say goodbye to old that

50 Lockwood

50 Lockwood Avenue, Old Greenwich

50 Lockwood Avenue, asking $3.2 million as a sub divisible lot, reports a contract. House was built in 1875, but it doesn’t look as though it will see another year.


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25 responses to “Say goodbye to old that

  1. Cos Cobber

    Why don’t you link to your own MLS portal?

  2. Smart move by a builder I would guess. Two lots on the park. Nice.

  3. Brad Benedict

    Even though I’d like an old sod like Bernie Sanders… yes, I’m labeled, and wanting for all of you to let me know who will lead us…. please be sure to let me know your preference. Still thinking that M. Fountain has real estate good sense, even in the town of Greenwich.

  4. Real OG

    What builder bought this lot? So you think they will build two houses?

  5. Walt

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  6. Anonymous

    So, two lots at $1.5m each. How much FAR? Location’s whatever — not so much south of the village as east of it. OG as a whole is weak in anything over $1.2m. Cool house, but yeah, it’s gone, and with it more of OG’s rapidly-waning charm.

    • You get two big lots when this one is split. FAR is quite high although I hope the builder doesn’t max out. No proof the lots were 1.5 each. Deal is not closed yet. Lockwood is a great street and a back yard on that golf course is sweet.

  7. Laird

    It’s such a shame that all of the native architecture is going, going, gone to be replaced by mix and match structures with little integrity. As someone else said somewhere on the blog when its new vs old, new wins. The art of adapting to a house rather than making it conform to one’s every whim seems to be lost.

  8. Laird

    But I should add that it’s all a preference, whether you like old or new. I am interested in history and so it makes me sad to see it disappear.

  9. Laird

    PS Does anyone know anything about the red saltbox on the way to the beach? Is it being listed as a historical home?

    • OG

      Red salt box is Jeffrey Ferris House. Oldest house in Greenwich, one of oldest in country. Being restored as a guest house and new house going up behind it. Greenwich Point Conservancy involved, and just had experts date the existing house to 1688/89. Beam in cellar (oldest part of house) dates to 1640. Elizabeth Winthrop Feake, town founder’s original house.

  10. New Buyer

    I have adored this house from afar for years. Then I toured it last year. I’m sad to say that while historic, it lacks all historical charm. No gorgeous moldings or grand staircase or charming fireplace. The 3rd floor has maybe 6’6″ ceilings. If the new owners keep this house, it will require a top to bottom gut renovation and the kitchen wing would need to get knocked off and rebuilt entirely. If the new owners do knock it down, I hope that one stunning house gets built on the lot, not 2 fake ” Victorian shore” houses with a 1000 gambrels and a postage stamp yard. But that is wishful thinking.

  11. Anonymous

    Part of this house may be 1875 but the oldest part is obviously Federal …Ca 1800… Look at the fanlight front door .window and door casings, the mantles and wide board floors, six over six windows, etc etc….

  12. Laird

    Thanks OG for this. What a discovery. And to Anonymous, too, for dating the lovely SB home.