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Miss Sarah Littman and Godwin’s Law

Funny thing: I was just citing Godwin’s Law to my fellow standees as we slowly moved past the usual line of idiots calling us Nazis up there in Portland, and now a reader has alerted me to our own Greenwich resident, a Miss Sarah Littman, engaging in the same thing. Littman is a former columnist for Greenwich Time who still prefaces all of her social commentary with a recital of the horrors suffered by her family in the Holocaust, and says that as a child, she evaluated everyone she met by judging whether they “would hunt me or hide me”. Probably not the sign of a sound mind.

Godwin posited that,  “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1″ —​​that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism. My version of that law simply applies it to modern American politics. As the pictures below illustrate, this “he’s a Nazi” attack has been going on at least since Nixon was sworn in in 1968, and is hardly a new or original claim, yet each time a liberal uses the theme, she thinks she’s being wildly provocative and daring.


Reagan as htle



trump as hitler







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So, I missed hearing Trump today

I was in Portland anyway, so last night I reserved a ticket to hear Trump speak at 1:30 this afternoon. Turns out, the Fire Marshall stopped them from admitting any more people even while the line still snaked around two long blocks. I’d joined the line at 1:00 – a cop told me that there’d been people there since 7:00.

No speech, but I did have an hour of conversation with some Trump supporters: a retired 5th Grade teacher from Waterville, Maine, a young Marine on leave, and a couple of businessmen. The general consensus seemed to be that they supported Trump because, as one of the older guys said, “he calls them on their bullshit”, “them” being the media and the entire PC crowd. These people are just fed up with politicians in general, and being scorned by the elite – the school teacher sounded very much like myself when she said she was not stupid and not racist, and deeply resented being told that she was by people less educated than herself.

They don’t see Trump as a politician, which seems odd, because he’s, you know, running for political office, but that’s what they feel, and that seems to be why they don’t support politicians like Cruz and Rubio. It’s really Hope and Change all over again, but t’s a different hope and a different change that’s sought. This time, they’re pinning their hope on someone who’ll overthrow the Washington establishment and change everything that’s been passing for business as usual in the political world.

Or that’s what I got out of it, anyway. Take a look at this video of today’s event. You don’t need to listen through the full 39 minutes – God knows I didn’t, but skip around to get the flavor. Trump doesn’t use a written text; he has a few points to make, he meanders off topic, returns to hammer that point, wanders off again before returning, then goes on. He sounds tough and straight forward, and I can see why he appeals to people who are fed up with mealy-mouthed cooers of platitudes who can only get tough when they’re condemning Americans.

The pundits, both the Democratic media and the Republican establishment alike, are describing Trump supporters as buffoons, but those buffoons remember Obama’s dismissal of them in 2008:  “it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”, and are still angry. That’s essentially what the elite is saying now, and these people sense it’s time for revenge and rebellion – that retired school teacher told me, “I think it’s the start of the revolution”. Imagine a 65-year-old elementary school teacher traveling to Portland from little Waterville, Maine, to announce that the revolution is on. She’s pissed.

Interesting times.


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Contracts reported

495 field point

495 Field Point Rd

495 Field Point Road, asking $4,467,375 (I have no idea why), down from $5.450 originally.

9 william street

9 William Street

9 William Street (that would be Lea Fountain’s house) last ask, $1.995 million, original price, $2.995. The family rather badly miscalculated.

26 Normandy Lane

26 Normandy Lane

26 Normandy Lane, Riverside, $2.450 million. Considering what else is for sale in Riverside   at this price range, I think I prefer this one, swamp or not.

32 Gilliam Lane

32 Gilliam Lane

32 Gilliam Lane, asking $2.495 million (brother Gideon’s had a busy week). This had an accepted offer a month ago but the buyer walked just as, it turned out, he’d done on three previous properties. After a while, your reputation as a buyer starts working against you. In any event, another buyer quickly stepped up and after a bit of contract negotiations, a deal has been struck.

UPDATE: 355 Riverside Avenue, $1.655 million, reports a contract in less than 9 days. Good for them, and I’ve just raised the estimate of my own house at 322’s value, but this place overlooks Ole’s Boat Yard and is directly on Riverside Avenue. I’d have gone with 9 William.







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If it moves, tax it

Vaping next target for Connecticut revenuers

Stores are arising to sell equipment for a new activity called vaping, a substitute for smoking nicotine-laced tobacco products. Purveyors offer pen-like and flask-like devices and accessories, along with the flavored liquids often referred to as e-juices or juices, and often to people looking to quit smoking.

Vaping is also the apple in the state’s eye for additional revenue. Starting Tuesday, retailers and manufacturers must pay a one-time $75 application fee and an annual $400 licensing fee to the Department of Consumer Protection

.It’s the story of Connecticut’s business climate.


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It will certainly be an interesting next four years

Trump and clintons

We’re both counting on you, Bill, to steer us through this

Justice Department has granted immunity to the Clinton staffer who set up her private server. That’s usually not good news for the target.

And an appeals court has reinstated the fraud case against The Donald and his”Donald Trump University”.

So if either of these two goes on to win the election, we’ll be treated to the President of the United States fighting to stay out of jail while serving out his or her term.

Should be fun.


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