Miss Sarah Littman and Godwin’s Law

Funny thing: I was just citing Godwin’s Law to my fellow standees as we slowly moved past the usual line of idiots calling us Nazis up there in Portland, and now a reader has alerted me to our own Greenwich resident, a Miss Sarah Littman, engaging in the same thing. Littman is a former columnist for Greenwich Time who still prefaces all of her social commentary with a recital of the horrors suffered by her family in the Holocaust, and says that as a child, she evaluated everyone she met by judging whether they “would hunt me or hide me”. Probably not the sign of a sound mind.

Godwin posited that,  “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1″ —​​that is, if an online discussion (regardless of topic or scope) goes on long enough, sooner or later someone will compare someone or something to Hitler or Nazism. My version of that law simply applies it to modern American politics. As the pictures below illustrate, this “he’s a Nazi” attack has been going on at least since Nixon was sworn in in 1968, and is hardly a new or original claim, yet each time a liberal uses the theme, she thinks she’s being wildly provocative and daring.


Reagan as htle



trump as hitler







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29 responses to “Miss Sarah Littman and Godwin’s Law

  1. weakleyhollow

    It is “Godwin’s Law” there, shipmate.

  2. weakleyhollow

    Oh, and it would be something that would come naturally to liberals…

  3. Yos

    But of course. White-washing, as usual.
    : ]

    If memory serves, we were at a luncheon a few years back where SDL was seated across from us. I let her neighbor know that I had taught my daughter to shoot, and to shoot well. OH, the horror!

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    This is a guilt ridden, self-hating, bleeding heart liberal “progressive” Jew. No offense meant to the Jews. You got her by accident.

    She is a “writer” condoning censorship. Her self-pitying blindness is STAGGERING!! She misses the WHOLE POINT of free speech, with her self-entitled, guilt ridden sense of self righteousness. And the dangers of what she supports presents to a really free society. And ALL people wanting to be different. The Jews were targeted because they were different than the rest of Germany. SHE IS BLIND!! She is all that sickens me. She is so wrong, so hypocritical, that it is MIND NUMBING!

    A writer not valuing free speech is as absurd as a Jew not valuing a dollar. Sarah Littman may not like that I said that, and I TOTALLY understand that, but if she doesn’t understand the importance of why I should be able to say that, she is the true dick in this equation. IT’S THE ENTIRE BACKBONE OF A FREE SOCIETY!! You JERK. Not you Dude. Sarah the blind, ignorant, free speech hating MORON!

    Maybe if the Jews HAD free speech, not a propaganda controlled MSM, where DIFFERING opinions could be FREELY expressed, some lives in the Holocaust could have been saved? Instead of endless government controlled propaganda? Did she ever think of that?

    She is a sickening “progressive”, blind to the dangers she supports, and using ignorant self righteousness to support it.

    Your Pal,

    • RealTorme

      Come on, how do you really feel, Walt?

      • Walt

        How do I really feel? Thank you for asking.

        I think the “progressive” assault on free speech is the most dangerous assault on Democracy ever launched. And it is full bore. Non stop. Because free speech shows they have no substance. And the assault is massive.

        And people like Sarah are to stupid, and naively idealistic to understand you better not get what you wish for. Because it’s the end of Democracy and freedom as we know it. And Holocaust 2.0.

        I detest the KKK. I detest Black Lies Matter. I think the Nation of Islam is Racist. I think Code Pink is insane. I think Francissessessess policy beliefs are the same as green cheese on the moon. BUT I RESPECT THEIR RIGHT TO BELIEVE IT.

        That is the whole frigging point. If you miss that, if you don’t see that, you MISS THE WHOLE POINT. So this woman is a misguided, lost, soulless person, individualizing basic human rights, which all people deserve, and trying to use historical obscenities, which she can tie to her own existence, by the haphazard draw of the gene pool, to her, to advance her flawed logic. RUN ON SENTENCE!!

        It’s obscene, self-serving, incorrect, negligent, idiotic, moronic, flawed logic, and put forth under the guise that it flamed the holocaust. The actual OPPOSITE is true. But she doesn’t care about the truth. She cares about being a self-loathing, guilt ridden, holier than thou progressive. Her position is 100% opposite of anyone believing in freedom of speech, religion, and liberty.

        Here is Susan Sarandon, a very big breasted “progressive” claiming she was “afraid” to be vocal about supporting Sanders. Is that what “progressives” want? That doesn’t scare you? You REALLY don’t understand why free speech must be unrestricted? Well then you really do scare me more than Susan Sarandon’s big mushy scary boobs. Which really are still bronskieable BTW. In a pinch.


        So I will say it again. Sarah is 100% wrong and she sickens me. But I defend her right to write her inane, asinine drivel. Why would she deny the same right to anyone else? Perhaps because she is a fascist hypocrite?:

        JACK DUDE!!

        • She just needs some encouragement to ‘let it out’

        • Mitch

          You are clearly ignorant and colossally misinformed. All this talk about “free speech” means nothing. Do you know what the 1st amendment says (that’s the “Free Speech” one, in case you didn’t know) ? It only says that the GOVERNMENT can not limit or censor your free speech. That’s it. It doesn’t say that anyone, anywhere can say whatever they want *without consequences* of their speech. Nothing you, me, Chris, or Sarah Littman says has anything to do with “Free Speech” as defined in the Constitution, since the government is not involved here. There is no ‘“progressive” assault on free speech’ again, because the GOVERNMENT IS NOT INVOLVED. But people need to realize that “FREE SPEECH” does NOT mean “FREE SPEECH WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES”. So nothing in your bombastic rants here about “Free Speech” actually make any sense. But I’m sure that won’t stop you from responding with yet another zealot rant that makes no sense.

        • Walt

          How about I just say one day you realize you are retarded? But that is probably impossible. Because retards don’t know they are retarded. So just carry on.

      • Walt

        AND ANOTHER THING!! I demand Sarh reply, so I can debate her, and show her for the shallow, hypocritical, headline grabbing, misguided shallow little FASCIST she is. Thank you. And I also wouldn’t mind is Susan Sarandon would join in. I would really like to test ride those saggy fun bags and report back. Purely for scientific, objective reporting purposes.

  5. 1968…redo
    Hope we get it right this time, LBJ & Demos LIED,LIED,LIED & we revolted in Chicago….DMO Convention….it was not just about War it was about LIES
    Lies matter…..

  6. Patrishka

    Eh. She doesn’t like you. You don’t like her.

    I wasn’t a fan of the KKK picture, but you’re a big boy. You require neither my approval nor disapproval.

    • Understand that the Klan picture was to remind people of the Klan’s Democrat Party’s roots – it was Democrats who founded it, it was their own Robert Byrd who helped continue it. I suspect Littman doesn’t like to be reminded of that, so she plays the anti-Semite card as a diversion, as she usually does.
      Ignorant slut.

  7. The Box in "Byram"

    Only one way to respond: https://youtu.be/nYymnxoQnf8

  8. Fatdaddy

    Sarah is a self promoting, self-important twit. A typical liberal who lives in Greenwich (for the schools?) yet bashes the community, as needed, to push her “award winning” writing. Her columns in the CtNewsNazi are vapid and she attempts to be relevant, spewing her selfish viewpoint. She does not have the courage to set up camp in, say, Bridgeport or other lovely towns in this state. I would say she is a limousine-liberal but she probably drives a Prius.
    Ignore, ignore, ignore.

    • Anonymous

      She doesn’t have much money. Single mom. No one here’s mentioned she’s also a self hating Jew who spewed nothing but hatred towards Greenwich Reform Synagogue as they tried to build a new home. I’m so glad she’s being featured here for the self important idiot lefty that she is. I’ve been reading her columns for years and she’s a dangerous idiot. She and Mark Drought are the two most horrible op ed writers in the Greenwich Times. Dreck.

  9. FF

    I hope you noticed her little advertisement for Lockwood and Mead (I forgot how marvelous you headshot is!) In Sarah’s mind, she is associating you, Satan, with me, Satan. While she seems typically upset with your politics, I am far worse because Lockwood and Mead brokered the land sale of the synagogue. Sarah was the key funder and activist to stop the Greenwich Reform Synagogue project had had some choice and likely defamatory things to say over that time, especially a letter I wrote to a neighbor that terribly offered him twice the value of his property if he sold to GRS. I also destroy neighborhoods too, and I suppose by extension you.

    I’ve never been lumped in with the right-wing before. An interesting perspective. And to Fatdaddy, she does have the most expensive house in the neighborhood, and she used to have a fantastic house on Round Hill Road, I think. And she does have a Prius

    • Anonymous

      Wrong.She lives in Cos Cob and she’s poor as far as greenwich goes

      • Anonymous

        SDL lives on valleywood road, right near the new synagogue which is why she led the charge against it

        • She did oppose the synagogue because she’s a neighbor, but that doesn’t make her a “self-hating Jew” – she just responded as most people do when they’re confronted with a perceived threat to their interests. I don’t like the woman, from what I read of her writings, but come on.

  10. Fatdaddy

    Figures…a Prius. How about the schools? Are her precious ones “protected” from the carnage of the social policies she espouses in towns like Stamford, Norwalk, Bridgeport, and up the line?
    I assume her soapbox is nice hardwood and not plastic. Sickening.

  11. Fatdaddy

    She reminds me of the song that Quincy Adams Wagstaff sang in Horse Feathers…”I’m against it”.
    She opposes things in a vain attempt to stay relevant yet hides out in the comfort of the belly of her beast.

  12. Some smart college debater set out a corollary to Godwin’s Law. He observed that the first person to make a Hitler reference always LOSES a debate before judges.

  13. Anon

    Funny how we condition ourselves to become complacent. Comparison of Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Romney to Hitler were absolutely comical at the time and even funnier today. Now when someone starts talking about banning people by religion, restricting the first amendment, and having absolute power over the military regardless of whether or not orders comply with law, we’ll know the comparisons shouldn’t be taken lightly. Or will we….

  14. Mustang Callie

    Thank you for pointing out how misguided SDL truly is. I tried to appreciate her point of view, but she seems to be a victim of EVERYTHING. True, it sells kid lit when so many teens today think they have the sad misfortune to be born in the the horrific USA. Coddled by educators who must be sure to label each and everyone of us, they are taught to revile critical thinking and march in lock step with the liberal agenda. Or else!

    I once tried to debate SDL on FB regarding women’s issues when she ranted about men making more than women and that female workers are not taken seriously by males in the work force. I tried to explain I work in an industry dominated by successful women AND many high powered male clients of mine value my opinion and advice when buying a house. They have no interest in my gender, only my experience and ability to get the job done. Meant no harm, was just expressing a positive side and was immediately “unfriended”.

    I guess the truth makes her angry. There are thousands of happy women out there, making their fortunes and living exciting, interesting lives. Maybe she realized if more women spoke this way, she’s be out of a job?

    • Anonymous

      Mustang Callie – you should have used the best argument to prove that women are not paid less than men. If they were, every single business would be hiring women and ONLY women because they’d add to their bottom line. That’s not happening. End of debate