A bellwether of what’s happening up north?

round hill

296 Round Hill Road

296 Round Hill, a two-acre building site (just) south of the Parkway, hit the market a few minutes ago at $995,000. That’s about what a quarter-acre in Havemeyer fetches these days.



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12 responses to “A bellwether of what’s happening up north?

  1. I think the operative word here is “just”. This lot is almost on top of the merritt parkway. If it was a little farther south the price would double (or more) just like that.

  2. Guest

    The highway noise must be terrible. It is right near the exit ramp.

  3. Cos Cobber

    I hear the fire fighters union wants yet another station.

    • Cos Cobber

      Better yet, good place for a couple modular trailers for the SEC and FBI to share for all their active cases on locals.

  4. x

    While in my opinion the smart move would be for someone needing a tax deduction and a leg up into local society to buy this land, scrape the house, and deed the property to the Land Trust, there are monstrous, pre-crisis size and style spec homes going up nearby at the corner of Round Hill and Brynwood (would anticipate a $15M ask) and on the corner of Quail and Doverton (asking $11M). This is dramatically worse land, but ya never know . . .

  5. annony

    these people paid $1.6 in 2014/jan 2015 for this house, a 4 acre parcel containing this house. which they have since renovated now asking $3.5ish. Now it appears they are trying to subdivide and get $1M back with the lot closest to the merritt. The reno wasnt horrible, but not $3.5 especially in this location. This house if I am not mistaken was previously a foreclosure.

  6. Just the Facts!

    Easy guys….the seller is contemplating a lot split. The total 4 acres with the house is still $3.495 million. If subdivided, the house lot is on for $2.995 Million and the proposed adjacent clear 2 acres is on for $995,000. Mid country has slipped….but not by much. JTF!

  7. annony

    the people paid 1.6 for this house and did a reno – maybe $200k so chris is right $1.8. if the lot adjacent is really worth $1M, then the existing unrenovated house was worth $600k.