A couple of listings

30 Northway

30 Northway, Lucas Point

30 Northway, in Lucas Point, is back with a new broker and a new price, $7.995 million, down from last year’s $10.450. Wonderful location, but this 1937, 3,000 sq. ft. house is in the VE zone, so it will have to be replaced with a much higher structure. Great views, though.

Oversized lot, but can’t be subdivided, according to the town.

45 Midwood Road, in Deer Park, is new – $4.750 million. Owners paid $3.375 for it in 2012, expanded it from 3,804 sq.ft. to 5,553 (a good portion of which seems to have been taken up converting a screened porch into permanent interior space) and totally renovated it. It looks very nice, and Deer Park is a terrific neighborhood. My only caution would be that the new listing declines to offer a view of the front, which makes me think it wasn’t changed from the rather modest face it presented from 1957-2012. That wouldn’t bother me, but ordinarily, buyers in the $5 million range want more pizazz. Here’s that view, from a couple of years ago:

45 Midwood Road

45 Midwood Road


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6 responses to “A couple of listings

  1. Cos Cobber

    30 Northway…Apparently one could fish from their bed or bathroom with this proximity.

  2. Anonymous

    And there are times when one can find fish IN their bed…..

  3. Flash

    If you compare Midwood to Mackensie, one is a dud.

    • Anon For Greenwich

      Are you implying Midwood is the dud?

      The difference between the two is Midwood’s location and land value is 80% of the asking price – Mackenzie Glen’s is 20%.

  4. Toonces

    I love the Midwood house, land and location. They did a beautiful job. 30 Northway is the 2nd best lot in Greenwich in my opinion. Your very own unobstructed east, north and south water views. First best is the one at the end of West way which has north, west and southern views. How much is .75 acres of panoramic waterfront worth? A lot.

    • Toonces

      Sorry – that should have said east, west and northern views on North Way. 40 West Way property has north, south and western views but is 1/2 the size of North Way. Not that West Way is for sale though. These are two spectacular locations.