Forget those pansies at Pitt, I want a safe space!

First sighting of a Tesla with Maine plates in Portland this morning. I’ll be fleeing south this weekend, where at least I’m not taken by surprise.



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8 responses to “Forget those pansies at Pitt, I want a safe space!

  1. Publius

    Greenwich resident with a 2nd home in ME and a car registered there to avoid property tax…..

  2. housecat

    Even better – the Model 3 looks like a Prius!

    • Anonymous

      Interesting since the grand unveiling isn’t out yet.

      • housecat

        Saw one at drop-off yesterday morning. The gull wing threw me a bit, so I took a closer look at the emblem when Mrs Tesla drove past. Not a Prius…

        • CT2CA

          You must be referring to the Model X- that is not the Model 3. Model 3 won’t be a physical car yet for another 18-24 months

        • i forgot about the Model X. that’s the one i’ve seen around that looks so underwhelming:

        • Cos Cobber

          Is that a pontiac vibe?

        • housecat

          Then you’re probably right, CT2CA – I didn’t look at the back. The line is a u-shape – it drove past me on the way out when I was going in. Seems like buying a Rolex designed to look like a Timex, but that’s probably the appeal for hipsters.