Frost Road price cut

9 Frost Rd

9 Frost Road

$3.5 million, down from an original ask of $4.595. I love this house.

Sally Maloney listing – she gets all the beautiful homes.


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11 responses to “Frost Road price cut

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Chris. Very much. I’m honored .

  2. That’s a nice picture of the house. I’d suggest photoshopping in a burning jetliner in the distance just to generate some buzz.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh, so this is on the market again? The owner has been taking it on and off for 10 years!

  4. Mickster


  5. CT2CA

    Does this appear to anyone else to be an amazing price? The house is spectacular (OK- could use a little updating) but great bones, appears to be great land, etc.

    Seems like a lot of very nice house in a very nice location for $3.5…..what am I missing?

  6. Dibs

    House needs more than a little updating. A couple of beautiful rooms, but as is only two usable bedrooms. All bathrooms needs renovation, walls and stairs need to be moved, kitchen very cut up. Pool in awkward spot. Garage apartment needs renovation. Has potential to be an amazing home. Looks like owners sprung for a much needed new roof since I saw the house.

  7. Anonymous

    I agree with Dibs. Very choppy house. Would take a lot of time and money to make it have the sort of flow current buyers favor. It is a lovely location.