His predecessors sang a different tune in 1683 and 732

Battle of Vienna

Battle of Vienna: sinful, wicked Christians repel Muslim invaders

Pope says Muslim invasion of Europe “is a good thing”

The pope went on to explain that the arrival of migrants, predominantly from Syria and Iraq, should be seen from a wider perspective in time and impact.

He insisted Europe will ‘go forward and find itself enhanced by the exchange among cultures.’

Speaking proudly of Europe, the Pope declared that the continent ‘can bring about a certain unity to the world.’

The Pope’s South American, so perhaps he can be forgiven not knowing about the Battle of Vienna in 1683, which “is often seen as a turning point in history, after which “the Ottoman Turks ceased to be a menace to the Christian world”.

And the Battle of Tours, in which Charles Martel defeated Abdul Rahman Al Ghafiqi, took place all the way back in 732 AD, so even though, “according to modern military historian Victor Davis Hanson, “most of the 18th and 19th century historians, like Gibbon, saw Poitiers (Tours), as a landmark battle that marked the high tide of the Muslim advance into Europe”, the Pope’s fogged memory is easy to understand.

But when you remember the pontiff’s denunciation of capitalism and free markets : “the dung of the Devil”, you yourself might be forgiven for wondering, like Obama, whose side he’s on?


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5 responses to “His predecessors sang a different tune in 1683 and 732

  1. Anonymous

    how many migrants has the Vatican taken? And isn’t it surrounded by a very high wall? How Christian

  2. AJ

    Battle of Vienna 9-11, 1683. 9-11? Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  3. AJ

    9-11, 1683, Polish King Sobieski and his small cavalry take to the field and utterly destroy a 300,000 strong Muslim army. Awesome.

    Buh-bye Kara Mustafa.

    • AJ – the newpaper says the hot topic in Potsdam NY is the black suspect in the murder of his white girlfriend’s 12 year old son. Isn’t this your world? Did he do it? Is it all a false flag conspiracy by establishment neocons…….?