Maybe the third broker will be the charm – or the third price

111 Park Avenue

111 Park Avenue, Greenwich

111 Park Avenue, probably my favorite street in Greenwich proper, is back again with a new broker and a new price, $6.150, after David Ogilvy kicked things off in 2010-2011 at $7.450. It’s an old classic, that can certainly use some major updating, but you’ll end up with a gorgeous home, right in town. Its price includes an extra building lot, but why would you ruin this lot by cramming in another home? False economy, in my opinion.


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2 responses to “Maybe the third broker will be the charm – or the third price

  1. Anonymous

    This has always been one of my favorite (coveted) homes in Greenwich – some fortunate family has lived in it since 1994, and hopefully will sell it to another family who will enjoy it for another twenty years. Greenwich Oldtimer

  2. Anonymous

    It’s a gorgeous classic.

    But, is the price realistic? Also, is the pool on the extra building lot? Would be a shame to sell off the 2nd lot for a new neighbor, but presumably that is factored into the price. Also, given the size of the main lot, isn’t there a risk this becomes a tear down?