Price cut on Mackenzie Glen

9 Mackenzie Glen

9 Mackenzie Glen

9 Mackenzie Glen, to be specific, down to $5.450 million. I liked this house very much when it was new in 2006 and sold for $5.5 million, and I still like it. It’s one-lot-in from North Street so to my ear, at least, traffic noise is acceptable, and it was very, very well built. The owners had it as low as $5.350 back in 2012, and I’m pretty sure they no longer live here, so there’s probably some negotiating room even at this price.


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4 responses to “Price cut on Mackenzie Glen

  1. Mickster

    Beautiful house, built by Nick. Beautiful interior design (forget who now), BUT the others houses in that little cul de sac don’t help these sellers prospects. Someone needs to go in there with a wrecking ball. We’ve discussed this before. Did I say I love the house?

  2. Flash

    The perfection seems to be a result of simplicity. If the seller offered it furnished they may increase their odds for a sale.

  3. Anonymous

    A grand piano in a foyer is a mistake from a staging perspective. It makes one think there was no proper big enough place for it. The curved and dinky fireplaces need replacing, otherwise this is still brand new feeling. Exterior is only so-so though

  4. The house has a great stance. The only thing I don’t get is two bachelor sized Maytags in the laundry room.