Sale Price reported

10 Will Merry

10 Will Merry Lane

10 Will Merry Lane, $4,391,500. Purchased new for $3.730 in 2005, it couldn’t fetch $5.490 in 2011, or even $4.950 in 2014, but this time it sold in 15 days.

It’s without doubt the best looking house on Will Merry, and it’s across from the Merritt side, but I’m always nervous about a house that’s so much more expensive than its peers: the next highest price on Will Merry was $2.8 million, in 2012. On the other hand, sold in 15 days suggests that my nervousness is unfounded.


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9 responses to “Sale Price reported

  1. Cos Cobber

    Maybe it comes with fracking rights.

  2. Maybe the trouble is the boring-as-hell exterior belies a fairly nifty set of interiors?

  3. This house is gorgeous – inside and out and would cost 6M closer to town – probably more.

  4. Flash

    Classic exterior won’t WOW the masses, but the inside for sure is envious. The yard is perfect for family life, if only the kids still mowed the lawn.

  5. Ruth M

    this is a stunning house with a fabulous private yard…. Saw it on the Greenwich House Tour in 2014 and it was published in Greenwich Look in 2014 pages 74-82. Surprised it didn’t go for more.