Snowflakes melt in Pittsburg


I want Mommy!

Students left in tears and shaken after voluntarily attending speech by conservative homosexual blogger Milo Yiannopoulos at University of Pittsburg. Traumatic stress counseling and safe rooms demanded.

College students used to be hailed at graduation ceremonies as “the next leaders of the world”. I don’t think that’s done anymore; not seriously, anyway.


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13 responses to “Snowflakes melt in Pittsburg

  1. You left the “h” out of Pittsburgh. Now I’m crying.

  2. Mickster

    Sweet Jesus. Should we have a “trigger warning” for Walt?
    There is a great YouTube clip – Chris can probably find and post it – my kids and I send to each other from time to time – called. HARDEN THE F UP! Seems very appropriate here.

  3. Anonymous

    I guess they never heard about sticks and stones.

    It’s interesting that the word unsafe is used. In a room of 25, 50, 100 people, one person speaking makes them feel unsafe. And meanwhile all the crazy stuff that happens on college campuses doesn’t lead to them feeling unsafe? While they’re binge drinking and having threesomes with the kitchen staff, they feel safe?

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    LET THEM MELT!! Healthy unfettered debate is what makes a Democracy. It is what makes people free. If these coddled, bedwetting, naïve,
    pre-programmed MORONS can’t handle a point of view they don’t like, a joke they don’t like, a word they don’t like, they will be useless drones on society.

    You can’t solve a problem – ANY PROBLEM – unless you can discuss it honestly. Political correctness prevents this. Hillary is running on “systemic racism” and promoting “white guilt” to try and secure the black vote. Because she assumes she already has 100% of the vagina vote. And she is dividing the Nation. By race, by gender, by income, by age, by class. Yet she says we have to make the Nation “whole” again. AS SHE DIVIDES IT! People really don’t see this?

    The problem is not “systemic racism”. The problem is “progressive” policies and corrupt politicians which has created a welfare state of dependent voters who keep them in office. Look at Baltimore. Detroit. Bridgeport. Camden. What do they all have in common? “Progressive” long term “leadership”.

    Let these snowflakes go live in one of these cities for a few years, and then let them report back. And maybe then a black gay man expressing his free speech won’t be so scary to them.

    Taking away free speech, being “politically correct” and never being offended IS NOT THE PROBLEM!! Lack of individual responsibilities are. Being afraid to speak out honestly are..Is? “Progressive” policies are. DEAL WITH THAT YOU SELF ENTITLED MORONS!!

    Are you going to spend the day trying to pick up horny Grandma’s again today? Do they have any Jap’s in Maine? I am asking for a friend.

    Your Pal,

  5. weakleyhollow

    They have apparently given in to having their token non lefty for the year. They can all go back to being safe snowflakes, again. Until graduation. Then it is into Mommy and Daddy’s basement. Or perhaps a nice grief counsellor job.

  6. AJNock

    Just 72 years ago young men 18-21 were storming the beaches of Normandy. Can you imagine the current generation of limp-wristed sissies doing that? I can’t.

  7. Love Milo. He’s awesome. You can see him sometimes on Greg Gutfield’s show

  8. Anonymous

    Some right wing dickhead gets in front of a few lefty weaklings and gets them all unraveled and agitated. The right wing echo chamber pronounces it news and it makes its way around the usual circuit.

    He did this at Rutgers a short while ago and got the same results. What exactly is his angle here other than to fluff his career? Is he proving a point or just promoting himself? At least it gives Hannity/FOX/Washington Times/etc something to talk about.

  9. Anonymous

    Personally I think the man is brilliant. What better way to bring light to the absurdity of it all, then to rile liberals up by taunting them and then having them behave so poorly that even liberals within their own ranks start to question the behavior.

    It’s so refreshing to see someone who has the backbone to stand up and at least present the other side. I don’t always agree but I respect the process.