Ted Cruz promises to investigate Area 51


Hillary joins the Tin Foil Brigade, and now we know why

Nah, actually that’s Hillary Clinton speaking. Ed Driscoll points out:

THE COUNTRY’S IN THE BEST OF HANDS: Hillary Clinton promises to ‘get to the bottom of UFO mystery’ if elected, and ‘maybe send a task force’ to alleged alien prison Area 51.

Oh, the nonstop howls of laughter the DNC-MSM would generate on the nightly news if the campaign manager of a Republican presidential candidate was a UFO conspiracist. Instead, silence regarding John Podesta’s UFO obsessions.


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13 responses to “Ted Cruz promises to investigate Area 51

  1. Cos Cobber

    There is nothing, and I mean nothing! she won’t say to any given audience for their support.

    Meanwhile there is nothing Trump can say to any audience to loose their support.

  2. Anonymous

    Area 51 is in AJ’s bailiwick.

  3. Anonymous

    Duh, it’s Chelsea.

  4. Maybe Podesta is trying to cook up some opposition research on Rubio?

    • AJ

      Great clip. Trump is the only one who is against amnesty. Trump is the only one who is against the TPP. Trump is the only one who can defeat the Dems, presumably Hillary barring indictment and a Biden save at the convention.

      Cruz likes to eat boogers. Rubio likes to go to gay foam parties where they like to strip down to their skivvies and yank and wank each other under the cover of the foam — foam you wouldn’t even want to walk through, let alone party in. Yuck!

      Kasich is like the snooze button on my alarm clock: all you have to do is listen to him to catch an extra ten minutes of sleep. He only speaks in anecdotes, and somehow always finds great humor in what he is saying. He also likes to flap his arms around a lot.

  5. AJ

    So who ya for housecat? Foam boy or Booger?

    Rubio’s favorite video:

  6. AJ

    A young Ted Cruz, back when he was a caddy:

  7. AJ

    Watch the way Cruz gobbles up that booger. Just like a lizard eating a bug.

  8. AJ

    Cruz investigate Area 51? I think he escaped from Area 51!

  9. Toonces

    I wondered what that was! Are you sure? I thought it was just spittle. I could have sworn I heard a reaction from the audience when he finally ate it