This ought to make His Holiness’s day


Thank you, thank you very much

British Home Office admits it can’t deport illegal immigrants “because we  have nowhere to send them”.

The most basic duty of a nation’s government is to defend its borders; I’d look for a British Trump to emerge there soon.


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5 responses to “This ought to make His Holiness’s day

  1. Yahoo

    Did you see the shih tzus latest pic? So cute!!

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  2. Walt

    Dude –

    This Popiness sickens me. Why doesn’t he just stop the boy rape, and stay out of politics? I think he is a commie.

    And I am a Roman Catholic, even though I am not a Roman. I was an altar boy, but I only did it for the free trip to Playland each year. I was never molested by a priest, thank God, and met Ms. Lavender, my seventh grade English teacher, “counseled” me at a young enough age to keep me on the straight and narrow.

    But this Pope is PISSING ME OFF!! I may switch teams to the Jews. WHY NOT? I always wanted to control the media. I like money. I don’t have a big nose, but I am circumcised. I like bagels, and I have to believe the whole bacon thing is negotiable. They are Jews after all, so what isn’t negotiable?

    So my question is, if I do switch teams, do I get a visit from the GAR Evil Princess telling me I have to move? Did we let the Jews in yet? Are they sequestered to a certain area of town?


    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous

      Open invitation to your Bar Mitzvah ? Sorry to say it’s too late to get Dean Martin so you’ll just have to settle for Color Me Badd..

  3. Anonymous

    I’ll come to the Bar Mitzvah too! As a former Altar girl and gospel choir member (my parents took their girls to a radical inner city, all black except for our family of 6, Catholic Church) I can tell you Judaism takes a little getting used to but it’s got a little more flexibility than Catholicism and deals more with fixing things directly when you’ve sinned, rather than praying for forgiveness. ! This I like. Also: no Pope. Bacon is flexible.

  4. Al Brecken AKA PATTBAA on Web-Siites

    “Just Arrived ” book at Greenwich Library ‘ “A Nation of Nations” , sub-title “The Great American Immigration Story” the author is Tom Gjelten who is correspondent for NPR News; that’s all you need to know about the authors POV and its “objectivity”
    I was the subject of a “Greenwich Time Senior Interview” and was asked who my “heroes” were. One was A Mitchell Palmer , AG in the Wilson Administration , who forcibly deported back to Russia foreign-born radicals who entered the U.S. with the express purpose of subverting our Country.
    Of course , that extreme but effective measure would not be tolerated today , along with the extreme but very effective measures of the NYC “Strong-Arm ” squads , circa 1910 , that caused a swift end of the problem of gangs of rowdies terrorizing citizens.