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And Bowdoin College sinks into the sea


Artist’s model of statue that will replace Joshua Chamberlin’s in Bowdoin Yard

Reader Anony sent along this WaPo story:

Students expelled from dormitory and disciplinary charges brought because they wore tiny sombreros at a tequila party.

Bowdoin is perhaps best known for its professor Joshua Chamberlin, who lead his students and other elements of the 20th Maine into history at Gettysburg during the battle of Little Round Top.  He went on to win the Medal of Honor, served as Governor of Maine for several terms, and then took over the presidency of Bowdoin. I wonder what he’d think of his old school now?

UPDATE: Turns out, the college itself provided sombreros for its alumni to wear at a party last year, but of course, the college administrators are liberals, so they can’t be guilty of cultural appropriation, unlike the student who hosted the tequila party  (who is of Colombian descent, but that’s no better than Cruz having a Cuban parent).


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No wonder Hillary is now professing her belief in UFOs


“oh, they’re up there, alright – trust me”

Gallop poll: 51% of Americans believe Obama’s doing a good job.

And 48% believe in UFOs. 

“There’s a margin of error in both polls of 3%” Clinton spokesman Sara Dara Littman told FWIW, “so this is actually good news: if the majority of Americans believe in Obama, surely there’s room for Hillary to win their hearts, assuming the same people who think there are aliens in my bedroom also like Obama.”

But will UFO believers believe Hillary’s promise “to get to the bottom of the mystery”? That might be a problem: 58% of them don’t think she’s “honest or trustworthy”


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And the death spiral begins


Yale undergrads demand end to “climate studies” and the useless degrees they’re paying for

Yale shuts down its Global Warming Institute 

Peak warmism has already hit, and the global warming movement is now on its long glide path through loss of government funding, budget and hiring cuts, less media attention, on the way to unfashionability, embarrassment, and eventually obscurity, a historical footnote like phrenology (which was once the rage in elite academic circles).  In retrospect, the December 2015 Paris Climate Accord, which was still able to draw heads of state but which could accomplish nothing substantive other than promise money, may well be seen as the definitive moment at which the movement began its official decline.

Now elite institutions, which always have their antennae attuned to the ebb and flow of the concerns of the world’s power elite, are acting out the consequences of decline.  If you are a university president responsible for raising mega-donations by convincing the holders of wealth that they can achieve prestige and maybe a little immortality by funding your Good Works, then you have to be aware of their changing concerns.

The announcement came in a Monday afternoon email to the YCEI community from institute co-directors and geology and geophysics professors David Bercovici and Jay Ague, and follows years of cuts to the institute’s funding, according to students involved in the organization.

“While not all good things have to come to an end, sometimes they just do,” Bercovici and Ague wrote. “The YCEI will stop activities and close up shop as of June 30, 2016.”

… Bercovici and Ague wrote that the YCEI was founded with “overwhelming enthusiasm from faculty and students across campus.” Bercovici and Ague declined to comment Monday night, citing time constraints.

You know there is deep embarrassment when professors decline to comment because of time constraints.

As an aside, I was surprised to see in the Yale Daily News article reporting on this sorry development that there’s a band of vandals at Yale operating under the organizational banner: “Fossil Free Yale”. What could possibly offend these students about dinosaur bones? Must the Peabody Museum’s Great Hall of Dinosaurs be converted into a safe space? Skull and Bones shut down?

Very sad.


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There ought to be a political test before anyone can hire this woman

Sanders with dog

He’d burn down our house for THIS?

Dog masseuse opens for business in Greenwich. I love dogs, and I certainly pampered the ones in my life far more than was good for them, so I understand why someone would pay good money to ease the aches and pains of an old canine or even indulge him in a soothing massage to ease his fears, but I’m a heartless conservative. Can a liberal Sanders supporter – you know the type, the character seen tootling down Indian Head in his Prius towards his waterfront home, Sanders sticker firmly affixed to the bumper – really support such a diversion of scarce resources when there are children starving in Bridgeport? When there are bedbugs in Armstrong Court? More important, will doggie rubs be part of Bernie’s new world order?

Liberals will answer yes, and yes, but that’s because they suffer from a cognitive dissonance disorder. I think they should send the money to UNICEF.

“I love it; it’s about being gentle and understanding the dog,” [Kim] Freeman said. “Last summer, I had a client in Riverside and their house was on the water. … We did the massage outside, so we had on some nice classical music and were looking out over the water and it was so beautiful. It made me so happy, and it’s so rewarding to know I’m helping these animals.”


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