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New listing in Riverside, but old house (bumped)

107 meadow road

107 Meadow Road

107 Meadow Road, asking $6.995 million, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get it. It’s old as in “classic”, on 3 acres overlooking the Sound. Neat house, but it could absorb a ton of money in updating it. Then again, the buyer of this place will presumably have tons of money to do just that.

UPDATE: Brother Gideon informs me (and his reader) that the late owner placed some incredible strict restrictions on this house. That’s great for the neighbors, but it almost certainly will affect its price negatively. A nice sacrifice on the owner’s part – I wonder if her heirs will appreciate the gesture as much as the rest of us will?

Here’s just part of those restrictions:

“Only the existing residential dwelling, for single family use and occupancy, with all improvements related thereto, shall be maintained upon the Property…”

UPDATE II – oops! Reading more of the restrictions, so thoughtfully provided by Gideon, I think she made this house almost unsellable. Even if someone loves the house exactly the way it is – and they’d have to, because it can never be changed – will there be another buyer down the road who shares that affection? I wouldn’t buy this place, nice as it is.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 9.49.09 PM


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Excellent article on young people using heroin

From Business Insider, of all places – they seem to be hiring (a few) real reporters, finally.

The entire article is well worth reading, but here’s the cautionary paragraph for Greenwich parents:

The biggest reason for the current heroin epidemic is the explosion of prescription opioid use over the last decade. As has been well-documented, the widespread prescription of opioids to treat pain and the subsequent diversion of said drugs for illicit uses created a huge, new population of users addicted to opioids.

I work with many, many young heroin users, as a volunteer, and almost all of them tell me they started on Oxycontin, and only switched to heroin when oxeyes became too expensive. Frighteningly, and ironically, a huge percentage of those kids tell me they first got hooked on oxyies when they were prescribed for sports injuries. “Do sports, not drugs” has it exactly wrong. (As an aside, I started this work with the idea I’d be working with young alcoholics but, while the drug users also have alcohol problems, there seem to be almost no pure-alcoholics left in the under-twenty crowd. That’s too bad, because, in my experience, alcoholism is easier to treat, at least a little).

Doctors are clueless on this stuff – I’ve read that they get a couple of hours on addiction in medical school, although that may be an overstatement for effect; regardless, they’ll prescribe large quantities to young athletes, with refills, and fail to monitor them for signs of addiction.

So if doctors can’t do it, you as a parent have to. I can guarantee you that young junkies now come from some of the finest families in the country – this is not a ghetto plague, and it can happen to even your Harvard body, or girl.



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The DOJ can certainly move fast when it wants to

hillary-email-textual-relationsAt the US government’s demand, the Bulgarian hacker who first exposed Hillary’s “secure” emails is extradited.

The hacker is an unemployed taxi-driver – if he can hack the Secretary of State’s private server, it seems probable that the Russia and Chinese could do so too.

I’d like some reciprocity here: we send Hillary, one-way, to Bulgaria, we keep the taxi driver.

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Greenwich Democrat Chair attacks Farricker

david-rafferty sweat hog

The options stink  – now let’s go bathe

Or at least, that’s what I think he’s doing: David Rafferty: Greenwich’s failed investment in candidates.

[R]emember that belonging to a political party isn’t the equivalent of being a Trekkie or a Cubs fan. You don’t have to love unconditionally or watch the lousy movie where Captain Kirk saves the whales. You are entitled, nay, obligated to stand up on principle and say the options stink and my party no longer reflects who I am. Or reap what you sow.

Asked by FWIW whether his screed, ostensibly aimed at Republicans, was actually a blast at his party’s former Chairman and losing First Selectman candidate Francis Farricker, Rafferty replied, ” You might think that; I couldn’t possibly comment”


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Bottom story of the day

Bloomberg announces that he will not run for president.

Then again, maybe this story hits the ultimate bottom: Hitler was a coprophiliac And had only one testicle, but we already knew that (the same report says he had a tiny wienie, too, which I didn’t know, but should have guessed).



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Funny, this commentator’s summary was exactly my conclusion too


Frigid feminist

Glaciers, gender, and science: A feminist glaciology framework for global environmental change research


Glaciers are key icons of climate change and global environmental change. However, the relationships among gender, science, and glaciers – particularly related to epistemological questions about the production of glaciological knowledge – remain understudied. This paper thus proposes a feminist glaciology framework with four key components: 1) knowledge producers; (2) gendered science and knowledge; (3) systems of scientific domination; and (4) alternative representations of glaciers. Merging feminist postcolonial science studies and feminist political ecology, the feminist glaciology framework generates robust analysis of gender, power, and epistemologies in dynamic social-ecological systems, thereby leading to more just and equitable science and human-ice interactions.

Yes, I too was sure this was a parody, but in fact the lead author is the associate dean at the University of Oregon. Do they really sit around and say, “Gee—the gender of that glacier is uncertain to me. It might be a trans-glacier, perhaps reversing course in the next cycle. I’ll have to cross-reference it with my post-colonial epistemology thesaurus.”

Well why not? I notice the recent Paris Agreement on climate change has, among other nonsense, this paragraph:

Acknowledging that climate change is a common concern of humankind, Parties should, when taking action to address climate change, respect, promote and consider their respective obligations on human rights, the right to health, the rights of indigenous peoples, local communities, migrants, children, persons with disabilities and people in vulnerable situations and the right to development, as well as gender equality, empowerment of women and intergenerational equity. . .

This is why you get Trump.



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Contracts, etc.

72 Hillcrest72 Hillcrest Park Road, which was discussed here (perhaps in the comments? I can’t find it at the moment) after its price cut to $2.495 million, reports  a contract. Lucky buyer, says I.

25 pleasant street

25 Pleasant Street Riverside

25 Pleasant Street, Riverside, also has a contract. $1.299.

25 Pecksland

25 Pecksland Road

25 Pecksland Road has been reduced to $4.195 million after starting off at $4.995. The only thing notable about this, if at all, is that it sold for $4.5 million in 2005..

7 Chapel Lne

7 Chapel Lane

7 Chapel Lane, in Riverside, sold for $1.2 million. I think, but am not certain, that this was one of the Sears Roebuck panelized homes put up on Chapel at the beginning of the last century (they were shipped in by rail car). Either way, a great little house, and I hope it lasts.


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Flint Michigan’s lead problem is the Republican governor’s fault – really?

city councilSo says Bernie Sanders, so says Hillary Clinton, so say Democrats around the country.

But is that the case? Democrats have been running the city for decades,and it was the Democrat City Council and the Democrat mayor who made the decision to with to a polluted water supply long before the Republican mayor took office this January (they also let their schools deteriorate to an abysmal conditioning drove the city into bankruptcy, but that’s another story).

The Republican Governor’s role in all this was to appoint a Democrat as the City’s bankruptcy administer and in that sense, he is responsible: he should have appointed a Republican.


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When you can’t meet your own standards, lower your standards


The new reality

Navy loosens obesity standards for its sailors.

The Navy has previously said they had been losing too many talented sailors due to the fitness rules and some were even resorting to liposuction and diet pills to save their careers.

The changes are the latest by the military looking to improve its ability to recruit and retain talented people as it builds up its cyber-warfare strategy and faces competition from a rebounding economy.

A 2014 Pentagon study found that roughly two-thirds of Americans would not qualify to enlist in the armed services as a result of health problems, obesity and the failure to complete a high school education.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said the service is not lowering standards but rather adjusting to reality.

I understand the rationale, but it still reminds me of an alcoholic who vows never to drink before 5:00 pm, and then finds himself drinking upon awakening: he’s not lowering his standards, he’s “adjusting to reality”.



I preferred the old look


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