Bottom story of the day

Bloomberg announces that he will not run for president.

Then again, maybe this story hits the ultimate bottom: Hitler was a coprophiliac And had only one testicle, but we already knew that (the same report says he had a tiny wienie, too, which I didn’t know, but should have guessed).



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2 responses to “Bottom story of the day

  1. weakleyhollow

    Did anyone really believe this schmuck would run? He could not win. If he won, he could not push people around the way he did in New York, so what was the point? The point was to explore and get attention. Mission accomplished, but only slightly. Trump sucked all the oxygen out of the race, preventing Bloomberg from doing so. Tough luck, Mkey.

  2. Anonymous

    getting off on poop? Is that what coprophilia is? YUK!!