Contracts, etc.

72 Hillcrest72 Hillcrest Park Road, which was discussed here (perhaps in the comments? I can’t find it at the moment) after its price cut to $2.495 million, reports  a contract. Lucky buyer, says I.

25 pleasant street

25 Pleasant Street Riverside

25 Pleasant Street, Riverside, also has a contract. $1.299.

25 Pecksland

25 Pecksland Road

25 Pecksland Road has been reduced to $4.195 million after starting off at $4.995. The only thing notable about this, if at all, is that it sold for $4.5 million in 2005..

7 Chapel Lne

7 Chapel Lane

7 Chapel Lane, in Riverside, sold for $1.2 million. I think, but am not certain, that this was one of the Sears Roebuck panelized homes put up on Chapel at the beginning of the last century (they were shipped in by rail car). Either way, a great little house, and I hope it lasts.


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17 responses to “Contracts, etc.

  1. Cos Cobber

    Maybe the warm weather ahead will stir things up a bit.

    While there is a lot of inventory rolling back on, much of it is flawed.

  2. Anonymous

    Does that Hillcrest house have a Dojo? That is awesome, I need one of those.

  3. Anonymous

    I agree CF – the Hillcrest house has a lot of character. I think buyers bought it below what previous owners paid for it so they got a new Kitchen and mechanicals thrown in for free; not too shabby.

    • Pick Me Out A Winner Bobby

      RE: 72 Hillcrest
      The previous owners paid 2.3m in late 2013
      However, last weeks Storm that finally kicked on my generator, punished the front porch of 72 HCP.

      • That’s what home owner’s insurance is for – I’m sure it will be fine by closing

        • Pick Me Out A Winner Bobby

          Is 3 East Point Lane fully FEMA compliant?
          Seems like either a very smart, sell today price @ 3.9m ask.
          Or, it’s not compliant, needs to go vertical a few feet, and would prefer it that the would be buyer get their hands dirty instead.

          • I don’t know – it’s got to be 13′ high, but I don’t know how high it is. It was built in 2004, so it was certainly built higher than older homes, but Greenwich keeps bumping the height requirements (our Town Planner, the naive Katie Blankely, thinks melting ice caps are going to flood everything south of the Village by 2019), so if it even misses the new minimum by 1 foot, the owner’s screwed.

        • Anonymous

          no, it’s not what homeowners insurance is for! If you make a small claim, your insurance goes up – and any money you got is gone in increased premiums, Also: if you try to get a new policy (for instance if you move and need insurance on a different home) – GOOD LUCK if you’ve made a claim at prior residence. It dings you!!

        • Anonymous

          Unless the damage was caused by a tree, most likely homeowners will not cover it, or the deductible will make using the insurance moot. As Chris says, it will be fine by closing for sure!

  4. Anonymous

    Early version modulars? Interesting.

  5. Anonymous

    72 Hillcrest is a beautiful house, one of the original houses in Hillcrest Park! The pagoda was brought over in the 1920’s from Japan. A great piece of land as well. Lucky buyers if they got it below asking for sure!