Flint Michigan’s lead problem is the Republican governor’s fault – really?

city councilSo says Bernie Sanders, so says Hillary Clinton, so say Democrats around the country.

But is that the case? Democrats have been running the city for decades,and it was the Democrat City Council and the Democrat mayor who made the decision to with to a polluted water supply long before the Republican mayor took office this January (they also let their schools deteriorate to an abysmal conditioning drove the city into bankruptcy, but that’s another story).

The Republican Governor’s role in all this was to appoint a Democrat as the City’s bankruptcy administer and in that sense, he is responsible: he should have appointed a Republican.


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28 responses to “Flint Michigan’s lead problem is the Republican governor’s fault – really?

  1. So Armstrong Court renamed to Flint Court?

  2. Roberto Fellini

    I think Bill nailed it on Detroit and the Dem shenanigans:

  3. WTF. what we need is not more political blaming, but a national discussion about if it makes sense to have a SINGLE water system which supplies what we drink with what we wash our clothes and flush our toilets. Delivering unlimited potable water on demand to 350 million people is a nonstarter . And minor detail to all politicians squawking about infrastructure – there is NO MONEY left to steal from the future

    • AJ

      What? Multiple pumping stations on a single reservoir? Multiple delivery systems? Explain how you could have anything other than a single system, how would that work, and why do break usage into three categories?

  4. Anonymous

    The Roman Empire just didn’t disappear one night….It changed and faded away…Maybe that’s what is happening to the US of A…

  5. Anonymous

    Just like it was Bush’s fault in new Orleans during Katrina where the Democratic mayor and governor were both MIA.

    It’s all about creating and spreading the narrative that Republicans are evil and do not care about minorities., when just the opposite is true. Why let facts get in the way.

    Media malpractice.

  6. Riverside Dog Walker

    Of course, this is what happens when government strays from its mission of doing things for the common good that individuals can’t realistically do for themselves, such as building roads and providing clean drinking water.

    Government in this country has become a social welfare wealth transfer mechanism from producers to takers. At some point it is inevitable that they run out of money to do their core mission. Water pipes don’t vote, after all.

    Possibly Gov. Rick Scott can add the Michigan governor to his list of favorites, alongside Dannel Molloy. About 1000 people per day move to Florida, same as 10 years ago during the real estate boom there.


  7. Oppressed in Crook County IL

    Look at Michael Moore! Ouch!!!

  8. Donald’s ersatz popularity is starting to crack – like that famous statue of Saddam which the US pulled down:

    ”….suggestions for the name of the new party that Republicans will have to start if Trump secures the nomination. How about “Losers”?

    He has a tenuous relationship with the truth and an inch-deep understanding of policy. … his campaign is not chock-a-block with A-team players. On Friday, his team put out a press release saying Trump would campaign this weekend in a town called “Witchita” in the state of “Kanasas.” And he has not brought on heavyweights who could bring him up to speed on substance…

    Outside groups are moving to deploy more than $10 million in new attack ads across Florida and millions more in Illinois, casting Mr. Trump as a liberal, a huckster and a draft dodger. Mr. Trump’s reed-thin organization appears to be catching up with him, suggesting he could be at a disadvantage if he is forced into a protracted slog for delegates.

    The Trump campaign has no pollster, so it is governed by public polling and what the candidate himself observes while watching cable news. [I’m great….yuuuge……a winner….really really smart…. no need for organization, homework, staff, analysis……]

    This off-the-cuff approach, and a string of self-inflicted wounds — refusing to clearly and immediately reject the support of the white supremacist David Duke, boasting about his sexual endowment on the debate stage and withdrawing from the Conservative Political Action Committee’s conference over the weekend — have fueled days of unfavorable coverage of Mr. Trump’s candidacy.

    “Trump has total disdain for the professional political class…..Organization doesn’t matter. Their idea of a political organization is taking phone calls from some elected officials who wanted to endorse and making it work in the schedule. And that’ll catch up with you eventually.”

    -NY Times Sunday Review

    • AJ

      Well, if The New York Times says so . . . You didn’t actually pay to read their unbiased attempt to take out the GOP candidate most likely to destroy Hillary, did you?

  9. “…Democrats now know that Trump has a glass jaw, and they will have the means to deliver a more than $2 billion punch. They will crush his “brand,” they will crush his character, and they will crush his ignorance. And he won’t be able to take it. Trump isn’t the tough guy in the race. He’s the bully who’s only just now been shoved back.”

    Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/432381/donald-trump-backtracking-unraveling

    • Platform Shoes

      Everything you say is probably true but you are missing two rather major points. (A) The people in fly over country do not care and if the media is saying it they know it must be lies. (B) Donald is a very polarizing figure. For every person like you that really does not like him, there are many more that love to hear him spout the same old thing week after week. He is appealing to their emotions. Hillary is almost universally hated (even within her own party). The effete men that live on the coasts may not admit that they will vote for Donald over Hillary at a cocktail party or in a conversation at the PC office they work at but throw them behind the curtain when the wife is not looking at and your average male is going to find his manhood and pull the lever for the Donald. We do have a systems of checks and balances and maybe he can grow into the job. He could do no worse than the buffoon that has been in the white house for the last 7 years. That is a fact. Anyway, here is the math the way I see it:

      Hillary’s got 80% of the black vote, 80% of the Latino vote, 100% of the Queer vote, 100% of the white cat lady vote, and 50% of the white millennial vote.
      Trump’s got 20% of blacks, 20% of Latinos, 80% of white males over 40, 50% of white millennial men, 20% of white millennial women, maybe 50% of white women over 40.
      What Trump has is 100% percent of the previously uninterested vote, which is 50% of eligible voters.

      This will be a landslide for Trump

    • AJ

      Is that the same National Review that was willing to risk its nonprofit status just to publish an entire issue that was nothing more than a total anti-Trump hit-piece, smear job?

    • AJ

      What chu squakin’ ’bout anyway, Balzac? You’re Little Jebbie took his marbles and went home.

  10. AJ

    Why Romney can’t be the GOP nominee without the party breaking its own rules. https://wp.me/p6hUkA-NS

  11. FF

    Apparently the problem in Flint was that when they transferred water sources, the Flint River water was kind of acidic so they recommended the pipes be treated at a cost of about $1,000 a month to keep the lead from sloughing off. The Emergency Manager – with a mandate to cut costs – decided it was of no value and rejected that request and turned on the taps. If the Emergency Manager made that call, then responsibility falls on the feet of the governor who appointed him – thats the way liability runs, and responsibility as well. The pipes in Flint are just as old and lead-like as every municipality like it, Democratic or Republican but when someone made the decision to mess with them, that person or persons has the obligation to make it right and if they covered it up they deserve to pay a price

    • Publius

      The original issue started when the Detroit Water Authority who provided water to Flint decided to significantly/sharply increase water rates. You know Detroit that Democratically controlled city. DPW never made an attempt to collect the water fees from Detroit water users. It actually went to court. In order to salvage a bankrupt municipal utility Detroit raised rates. There was a 1 year gap between when the water infrastructure to bring water to Flint from Lake Huron was scheduled and the sharply increased water fees from Detroit. Because Flint is another Democratically controlled bankrupt city it decided to get water from the Flint River for 1 year.

      So in the liability trail that you note, the buck would stop with you FF, because you are an unapologetic Democrat and by extension your fellow unapologetic Democrats in Detroit and Flint who have run those cities into the ground. They created the entire issue in the first place. Imbeciles, the whole Progressive lot.

    • Anonymous

      Dear FF,
      1) you and Hill and the Bern just might be taken seriously (ok, at least listened to by sane people) if the Michigan governor was Dem and you were all saying to fire him, but EVERYONE knows that would NEVER happen and this is all just the same crappy politics that have us where we are now.
      2) Using your logic, I am waiting for you and Hill and the Bern to call for Malloy’s resignation tomorrow. After all, he single-handedly crafted such a screwed-up budget that not even his super-majority Dems want to straighten it out. Hello? Are you and Hill and the Bern doing a joint press conference to call for Malloy’s resignation? Hello? Yeah, thought so.

      Does anyone (even the most political players) truly wonder why everyone hates politicians?