Greenwich Democrat Chair attacks Farricker

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The options stink  – now let’s go bathe

Or at least, that’s what I think he’s doing: David Rafferty: Greenwich’s failed investment in candidates.

[R]emember that belonging to a political party isn’t the equivalent of being a Trekkie or a Cubs fan. You don’t have to love unconditionally or watch the lousy movie where Captain Kirk saves the whales. You are entitled, nay, obligated to stand up on principle and say the options stink and my party no longer reflects who I am. Or reap what you sow.

Asked by FWIW whether his screed, ostensibly aimed at Republicans, was actually a blast at his party’s former Chairman and losing First Selectman candidate Francis Farricker, Rafferty replied, ” You might think that; I couldn’t possibly comment”


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5 responses to “Greenwich Democrat Chair attacks Farricker

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    It is pretty ballsy for someone whose party is running a commie and a criminal to criticize someone else. But ALL the candidates really do suck. And can we give this guy free razors?

    And Francis would be a better candidate then these two. Even though he doesn’t see people fleeing Connecticut in droves as a problem. But if we elect Francis POTUS, we won’t need a wall to keep people out. We will need a wall to keep people in.

    AND WHERE IS MY PBA CARD!! The gold one. I VOTED FOR YOU!! TWICE!! Not you Dude. Francis.

    Your Pal,

  2. Your post compels us (against our will) to read an article from that pretend newspaper Greenwich Time. Wherein we notice that the Board of Education is discussing whether to require teachers to attend ethical training:

    “Board member Peter Bernstein also advocated for a greater focus on ethics.

    “Sometimes, it’s not just enough to give somebody a paper copy of something,” Bernstein said. “Sometimes you need to reinforce that. I think we need to take the opportunity to talk about this at least once a year… I think a short online video module involving the union is a very healthy thing to do.”

    If the voters and parents have a say, they would probably find it very healthy if the Board of Ed, and particularly the nitwit Peter Bernstein were required to attend ethical instruction, too. Perhaps with a quiz after. Perhaps posting the quiz results……

    Is this really the kind of topic discussed by our Board of Ed?

  3. Anonymous

    Rafferty go pound sound. Its so nice to have the media constantly giving these liberals a platform to spew their hate and hypocrisy. Gee, we should ignore the entire Corrupticut General Assembly that is dominated by cheat’n Dems. Or, lets look over the state line at the cesspool in Albany filled with their lies and sticky fingers in taxpayer’s pocket.

  4. Anonymous

    Balzac….BOE diversion tactics so that we don’t talk about the $50 million school for 270 students in K-5 that won’t change a thing for achievement gap issues.

  5. I liked the Star Trek whale movie.
    Does this guy actually work or would he enjoy more government handouts if Bernie were to win?