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Back on the market

24 Sylvan Lane

24 Sylvan Lane

24 Sylvan Lane, which tried and failed at $4.5 million in ’14, is back today at $3.995. Odd dormers, but other than that, decent enough, on a good street, and not in the flood zone. The sellers paid $4.150 for it in 2008, so it shouldn’t be that tough a sell, especially if they strip it of its furniture.




No no no!



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Real estate news

50 Cat rock

50 Cat Rock Road

50 Cat Rock, asking $3.095, reports a contingent contract. Owners paid $3.250 for it in 2007 but then, that was 2007.

1 White Birch

1 White Birch Lane

And at the other end of Cat Rock, 1 White Birch Lane took  a modest price cut, to $1.845. White Birch is just off Stanwich, so it’s easy to get to. This is a 1936 house, updated in 1985, so it could use some more – estate sales often do, but real grace and charm, and the price seems right.


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I’m surprised I haven’t seen this at Whole Foods yet


Organic, GMO and Gluten-free Dehydrated Water at Amazon, $13.95

Dehydrated Water


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Wickham Hill Lane contract

23 Wyckham Hill

23 Wickham Hill Lane

23 Wyckam Hill, asking $3.795 million. It’s a lot of house for the money, if you like this sort of thing, and it’s on the non-Merritt side of the road, so that helps. Owners paid $3.150 for it in 2002, added on and refurbished it, so if they get $3.5, they’re in decent shape.

Not sure whether this price will impact 7 Wyckam, which has been on the market since 2013, when it started at $12.150 and has now dropped to $8.695, but it’s never helpful to be the would-be seller of a house that’s priced far higher than anything else on the street. The houses aren’t comparable, but the street is.



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I was right again

13 Perryridge

13 Perryridge

Less than two months ago I said of the new listing at 13 Perryridge Road that “Perryridge is going to surprise someone – either me or this builder” and lo! I’m surprised. It’s reported under contract today, 50 days after being listed, and without even having to lower its asking price of $2.635 million..

One car garage, a cliff for a backyard; gosh.


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Is this photo safe for work?

Drudge Report:

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 1.47.19 PM


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And here’s a great opportunity to play butler, at a reduced price

9 Conyers

9 Conyers

9 Conyers Farm, reduced today from $13.9 million to $10.5. Fantastic 22 acres, beautifully built home. Haven’t seen the servants’ quarters, but I’m sure they’re tidy and comfortable, at least for  weekend.


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In-town contract

34 lenox

34 Lenox Drive

34 Lenox Drive, new construction asking $2.995 million. It started at $3.9 million back in September, which proved to be too much of a stretch for this street, but $3 million isn’t chump change. I’ve always liked this neighborhood, and this is a nice house, so why not? Added bonus: you don’t have to brave the Whole Foods parking lot in your Lexus SUV.


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Progress in Miami for real estate buyers

Surprised woman

Betty Realtor: “You mean I shouldn’t do that? My heavens, I never knew!”

A Cuban refugee friend (from greenwich, not the island nation) sends along news that the Miami Realtor Association has announced that it will start fining its members $5,000 for manipulating MLS data.

Now, for every manipulation of MLS content, the association’s more than 41,000 members will be required to pay $5,000 per violation, according to an email obtained by The Real Deal that was sent out to all members on Monday.

The new penalties come nearly a year after Miami Beach Realtor Kevin Tomlinson filed a complaint with the Miami Association of Realtors against Coldwell Banker’s Jill Hertzberg and Jill Eber of The Jills, claiming they altered MLS data to hide homes that had been on the market for long periods of time. Tomlinson was arrested for allegedly trying to extort Hertzberg and Eber in August.  Later that month, Tomlinson cited 353 alleged MLS manipulations, including 30 changes to active listings in 2014.

The Jills spokesperson, however, previously told The Real Deal the MLS changes were unintentional, and only concerned expired listings.

A manipulation of the Multiple Listings Service includes but is not limited to property type, county, MLS area, folio number, five-digit zip codes, and the manipulation of property history and/or days-on-market information, according to the Miami Association of Realtors’ email.

“This is a response to different things going on in the marketplace, things brought to our attention by [anonymous] sources that our electronic error system was not detecting,” Deborah Boza-Valledor, COO and chief marketing officer of the Miami Association of Realtors, told TRD. Now, she said the error system has been tweaked so that it detects if certain fields of data have been manipulated.

Tomlinson spoke about the changes on his Facebook page, calling it a “systemic problem with probably every MLS in the country.”


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You’d think this was negotiated by the same people who accomplished the Iran nuclear deal, but no; it’s the EU


Turkish riot police clash with supporters at Zaman daily newspaper headquarters in Istanbul on March 5, 2016. An Istanbul court on March 4, 2016 ordered into administration a Turkish Zaman daily newspaper that is sharply critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, amid growing alarm over freedom of expression in the country. / AFP / OZAN KOSE

Turkey agrees to accept the return of Syrian refugees it sent to Greece if Europe will take refugees presently in Turkey on a one-to-one basis.

The deal would operate under a one-for-one principle in which EU countries would take Syrian refugees from camps in Turkey for every Syrian refugee Turkey takes back from Greece.

In return, the EU agreed to speed up its work on Turkey’s EU membership application and Ankara’s bid for visa free access for its citizens to the bloc. The EU is also set to increase the €3 billion ($3.3 billion) it had already committed to help Turkey cope.

Is the entire western world incapable of reason?

Another rhetorical question.

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Just in case you missed this on Instapundit



March 9, 2016 · 8:44 am

If it saves the life of just one grandmother …


Thanks to her new paid leave, Rep. Rose can visit her grandmother and review the old lady’s will, making sure the cash isn’t being left to the pet schnauzer

Hartford Democrats once again turn to forcing businesses with two-or-more employees to  provide 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave.

“Paid family leave is not an option,” said state Rep. Kim Rose, D-Milford, who added she once lost her job and income after she had to care for an ill grandmother.

“I had to put my grandmother in a nursing home and she died six days later,” Rose said during a public hearing Tuesday. “If I had had paid leave, I believe she would have lived longer.”

Who among us doesn’t grieve along with Miss Rose over the loss of her grandmother, but … really? Granny died from the stress of knowing that her little Kim was unemployed? In just six days?

From her biography,* Miss Rose seems to have been self-employed most of her working life, with her only stint as an employee coming with the Milford Citizen, an on-line news accumulator that republishes articles from real papers, without comment. So, did she fire herself? Was she forced from her unpaid job at the website? I suspect she did neither.

But that’s a quibble. Does anyone in Hartford know about running a small business? Do they understand that every regulation they pass, every additional burden they impose on all businesses, regardless of size, is just another incentive to get the hell out of Dodge?

These are rhetorical questions.

  • “She opened an antique store in Downtown called “Grandma’s Attic,” and co-founded the Downtown Milford Business Association, where she also served as Vice President. With extensive expertise in event planning, she also owned and managed a catering business, as well as a bridal store, and worked at the Milford Citizen newspaper”



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This could be the salvation of the Back Country

downton abbey

Downton Abbey or Round Hill? Who cares, if there are dishes to be washed?

Wealthy Americans forking over £2,500 per day to work as scullery maids and butlers in Downton Abbey castle.

The tourist groups are parting with their hard-earned cash to make beds, shine shoes and polish silver as if working as personal skivvies to the Earl and Countess of Gratham.

Touting the ‘experience’, the castle has billed it as the perfect remedy for fans mourning the end of the popular ITV series.

‘Whether you want to live like a lord, cook like Mrs Patmore or just learn how things were done in times gone by, the Downton Experience gives Castle guests firsthand experience of life in a grand house,’ a description of the attraction said.

Cooking with the castle owner’s private chef and polishing silver are just two of the activities on offer as part of the package.

Starting from £2,500 a day, the service can even be tailored to replicate guests’ favourite Downton Abbey episodes or moments.

The castle, which is owned by Sir Jack and Lady Stewart-Clark, also offers an ‘upstairs’ experience which includes fine dining and game shooting, but American tourists are opting for the former, the venue’s general manager said.

Taking nothing away from the Brits and their gloomy, damp old castles, but the owners of our own white elephants could offer the same experience in more modern surroundings, closer to home.

Better, they could also draw nostalgic British visitors – turn-about’s fair play, eh? Eh? – by adding a Public school disciplinary wing, where business executives could be whipped by dominatrixes and upper classmen, collars applied, colonic washes administered – well, I’ll stop there – just put Walt in charge; he’ll know what’s wanted.

Point is, there’s obviously money to be made here, and when your house is otherwise sitting empty and forlorn, why not?

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