And here’s a great opportunity to play butler, at a reduced price

9 Conyers

9 Conyers

9 Conyers Farm, reduced today from $13.9 million to $10.5. Fantastic 22 acres, beautifully built home. Haven’t seen the servants’ quarters, but I’m sure they’re tidy and comfortable, at least for  weekend.


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9 responses to “And here’s a great opportunity to play butler, at a reduced price

  1. Cos Cobber

    Fair amount of house for the coin.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Slightly OT, did the builder at the 647 River Road site sell house # 2 of 3 at that location? I only see one house now in the MLS.

  3. Dumb question but can anyone buy at Conyers if they can pony up the cash or is there a “welcoming” committee that vets riffraff from New York?

    I don’t see the property taxes listed. $175k? More? 22 acres is one heck of a lot of land.

    • Yes, even you (though probably not me) can buy at Conyers. In fact, so many of those homeowners are desperate enough to sell that they’d meet you at the gate with a brass band, should that be your taste.

  4. AJ Nock

    Nice pad.

  5. What are the zoning restrictions? I see school for wayward girls written all over that place.

    • With you as the headmaster??? 🙂

      • Anonymous

        And the really butch female hockey coach who could easily beat me in an arm wrestling match ?

        • “All Canadians are either prostitutes or hockey players”, says one party attendee to another.
          “I’ll have you know that my mother is Canadian!”
          “Oh! Er.. what position does she play?”

          Of course, it may not be an either-or proposition