Back on the market

24 Sylvan Lane

24 Sylvan Lane

24 Sylvan Lane, which tried and failed at $4.5 million in ’14, is back today at $3.995. Odd dormers, but other than that, decent enough, on a good street, and not in the flood zone. The sellers paid $4.150 for it in 2008, so it shouldn’t be that tough a sell, especially if they strip it of its furniture.




No no no!



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13 responses to “Back on the market

  1. Anonymous

    Was there a furniture sale on Mars ???

  2. Anonymous

    Someone watches too much That 70’s Show. Anyway, more softness in OG’s high end. Interesting.

  3. Anonymous

    Lovely house but that decorating makes a case for my early 80s decor – red walls, hunting prints and shiny brown furniture. I remain helpful that future hipsters will deem my stuff fashionable again before I die 😄

  4. Anonymous

    Did anyone check out 19 Indian head riverside 5.2??? What do you think ?

  5. Anonymous

    How is this house not in the flood zone? It looks pretty close to the water.

  6. OG Gal

    Sylvan lane does not flood, its on a hill…..i think this house will sell at full asking quickly

  7. AK

    the interior design of this house.. ouch. painful.