I was right again

13 Perryridge

13 Perryridge

Less than two months ago I said of the new listing at 13 Perryridge Road that “Perryridge is going to surprise someone – either me or this builder” and lo! I’m surprised. It’s reported under contract today, 50 days after being listed, and without even having to lower its asking price of $2.635 million..

One car garage, a cliff for a backyard; gosh.


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18 responses to “I was right again

  1. Anonymous

    Waaaay overpriced

  2. Anonymous

    Higher than my guess by about $400k as compared to current ask. This is on the East side of the street. Backyard is smallish, but no cliff.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m not necessarily surprised by the price for size and street, but really shocked because the floor plan is so unlivable. Not having a dining room is okay, but no family room in a 5-bedroom??? So much wasted and poorly-used space.

  4. anonymous

    The market gets priced from the top. All of the inventory above this is not selling or getting compressed. Little guys that are anxious to get a foothold in a market like Greenwich because they fear that they must buy now or be priced out forever end up getting crushed when they purchase at the wrong time. The market has already told us where the economy is going. Buyers need to pay attention to leading indicators. Ct. state government, Wall Street lay-offs, Hillary or the Donald in the Whitehouse. There are alarm bells going off everywhere.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Big windows and small bushes, that is what sells!

  6. Anonymous

    I’m amazed. It’s just about the worst floor plan i’ve seen.

  7. Anonymous

    Are the second floor windows taller than the first floor windows? odd.

  8. deleted

    Location, location, location

  9. fitterhappierlessproductive

    where are you supposed to do the laundry in this house? There is no laundry room!

  10. MCD

    It doesn’t have a great floor plan, but as with renovating an old house you make do. I am guessing the low price reflects no family room or formal dining room. But lets get real, who needs a formal dining and living room these days.