In-town contract

34 lenox

34 Lenox Drive

34 Lenox Drive, new construction asking $2.995 million. It started at $3.9 million back in September, which proved to be too much of a stretch for this street, but $3 million isn’t chump change. I’ve always liked this neighborhood, and this is a nice house, so why not? Added bonus: you don’t have to brave the Whole Foods parking lot in your Lexus SUV.


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11 responses to “In-town contract

  1. Matt

    Just walked by this place last weekend and it caught my eye. I like it and the pics look great on the inside.

  2. Anonymous

    This house is aesthetically challenging, inside and out. (Translation: ugly and weird.) Wonder if the builder would’ve made more profit fully renovating the more contextual victorian this North Mianus-looking new build replaced rather than demoing.

    • Anonymous

      Hmm don’t think it is ugly at all. Looks quite good pleasant to me.

    • Toonces

      I love the modern vibe of this house. Loft like and sunny. Great to see something a little different!

    • Anonymous

      Nothing ugly and weird about this place. If anything, it is the same as any new Greenwich house. Also, not surprise at the price. That seems to be the going rate for close-to-town living. I personally think mid/back country is a better deal at these prices.

  3. Would it have been that hard to create just a little buffer between the front door and the living room?

  4. MCD

    I’ve always liked this neighborhood too. You can walk to everything. They packed a lot of house into a small lot. It looks like a typical Greenwich new-build on the outside, but more contemporary on the inside. Given the number of bedrooms, I am guessing a family is moving in. The kids can walk to school.

  5. Anonymous

    Walk directly into the living room which has a small fireplace in a horrible location! The whole house is so milk toast. Buyer paying for an in town location. Who is the builder? I would think one would want to stay away from him! Should have renovated what was there.

  6. That entrance is a bad joke.

  7. The only thing on the lot prior was a 100 year old barn that was literally more holes than wood and also almost entirely falling over. Now deceased previous owner left it because he wanted the grandfathered setbacks. This is a subdivide from the people who bought the Victorian on the corner that also got fixed up. The double lot and Victorian were purchased out of estate 2 years ago for 1.7. They’re totally in the money.