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March 9, 2016 · 8:44 am

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  1. Anonymous

    This self-serving double talk is why she is so insufferable.

    Go Bernie!

  2. Walt

    Dude –

    She is allowed to flip flop, and say anything she wants, depending on the day and who she is speaking to, because she has an alleged vagina. That makes her immune to criticism. And if you point this stuff out, that makes you sexist. And a bigot. Because she also self-identifies as black. Home boy.

    Your Pal,

  3. Wall Street Journal polls today say:
    • In a one-to-one match up, Trump loses the Republican nomination to Cruz
    • In a one-to-one match up, Trump loses the Republican nomination to Rubio
    • In a one-to-one match up, Trump loses the Republican nomination to Kasich
    • In the general election, Trump loses the Presidency to Hillary
    • In the general election, Trump loses the Presidency to Sanders

    Floridians: voting Donald means Hillary becomes President. Don’t join the reality-TV joyride.

    Lots of voters this year want to send a message. Voting for
    Trump sends a message to the Republican establishment (who is that, exactly?) But if you want to send Hillary a message, vote for any Republican who can win.

    • AJ

      Yeah, and that’s why Trump keeps winning. Whoever put together that poll must have been smoking butt crack.

      • Anon

        Yeah, the guys who put together those polls are the exact same pollsters Trump quotes non-stop every time he talks. Had dinner with several friends last night all of whom are either Republican or Independent but prone to lean Republican. Of the six remaining candidates, every single person placed Trump as their last choice in a general election. Every single one.

        • AJ

          Right, that’s why he keeps winning . . . because he’s losing.

          Hey, aren’t you the multiple water system suppliers guy? I’d like to know how you thought that one through and think it would work.

        • anonymous

          Hah. They say that in public. Wanna bet who they’ll actually vote for? TRUMP. Get real.

        • Anon

          AJ – I am not the multiple systems water supply guy so I’m not you man. Also, I understand Trump is “winning”, but it’s not exactly in convincing fashion. What states has Trump actually gotten more than 50% of the vote in the primary? None, nada, zilch, zero. He actually hasn’t crossed 40% in half the states he’s won (6 out of 15) and only has done it in 25% of the primaries so far. I guess that’s winning in today’s world of participation trophies, but Romney did far better in 2012 at this point in what was also a 4 or more person race all the way through mid-April.
          anonymous – actually, the exact opposite happened. These are all very close friends since college (25+ years ago) and 2 had been extremely vocal supporters of Trump up until a few weeks ago so they had nothing to hide…. I don’t know any Trump supporters that hide their support. Quite the opposite actually.
          We’ll see what happens, but Trump is currently getting 35% of the vote in a field of 4 with anger as his primary campaign platform. The winner of the winner take all states next week will do it without a majority of the popular vote. They’ll actually probably do it without 40% of the popular vote. Hardly a referendum on a candidate. I just wish the Republican nominee was actually going to be a conservative because I firmly believe that is what the country needs right now particularly on the financial front. Only Sanders is to the left of Trump when it comes to economic/financial policy. If you are a financial conservative and compassionate on social issues then Trump is your nightmare candidate. The compassionate conservatives who are either Republicans or Independents will have a hard time voting for Trump. He wont lose all of them in a general election, but he can’t lose a majority of them and have a chance.
          Again, we’ll see.

  4. Obama and the Democrats/liberals have totally screwed the country and have given rise to a powerful opposition (us).
    And our proposed solution is………to nominate Trump and attempt suicide as a party!


  5. Anonymous

    Agree that Trump is a mistake. Sorry for you Cruz supporters—he just sounds like a giant prick to everyone and unliked by all.

    Kasich is the right choice….who knows perhaps Cruz and Rubio rub each other out—and Trump finally implodes.

    It just seems that the more the media and all these polls go after Trump—the more popular he becomes.

    • Anonymous

      Hubby and I vote in the Florida Republican primary on the Ides of March. We will most likely vote for Cruz as a way to stop Trump. We like Kasich and would be happy to vote for him, but think Cruz has a better chance of knocking out Trump. If Trump were not such a huge factor, it would be Kasich for us. “The only adult in the room.” Greenwich Oldtimer

      • Dear Old Timer: You know I am a huge fan of yours and far be it from me to tell you who to vote for or against (like Romney just tried to do!), but I need some understanding from you of how you see Cruz being successful against Hillary. After all, isn’t that the goal? I personally can’t stomach Cruz (not that MY opinion counts when you vote in Florida) but Hillary would make mincemeat of Cruz – he wouldn’t stand a chance for a nanosecond, except in states like Idaho where portions of the state are so far right (Sandpoint for example!) that Hillary’s wouldn’t get one vote. But in the east coast, NY NJ, PA – how does Cruz win? Plus, I see Cruz as far more divisive than Trump. Talk to me.

        • AJ

          One of the most important ingredients of being a successful sales person is the likeability factor. And there’s nothing at all likeable about Ted Cruz. He gives me the heebie-jeebies. In fact, he makes my skin crawl.

          Creepy Hillary beats Cruz on likeability by a factor of at least one hundred. And I’d rate Hillary’s likeability at pretty close to zero.

        • Anonymous

          EOS: Because I have great respect for your opinion, your comment has prompted some re-thinking regarding the upcoming Florida vote. Cruz definitely has a down side, no question, but what are his good points as far as hubby and I are concerned? He’s highly articulate and intelligent; he actually sticks to his guns and tries to do what he says he will do; and he is a strict constitutionalist who most certainly will see that the Supreme Court remains (relatively) balanced. As for his evangelic beliefs and style, which I agree are a major turnoff for a large number of people, I believe he would limit his Bible-thumping once in the Oval Office, as he is smart enough to realize that he would be charged with representing all the people. That said, we would be proud to have a fine man such as John Kasich in the White House. I was quite moved by his speech when he announced his candidacy, and hoped he would have a real chance at the nomination, which doesn’t seem likely at this point. So, as far as voting in Florida goes, do I hold my nose and vote for Cruz to slow down the Trump bandwagon, or do I vote for whom I believe to be the best man? I have decided on the latter option, despite the knowledge that it will be a wasted vote. Can’t speak for my husband, however, so we will likely cancel each other outI Old Timer

        • Old Timer: Thanks so much for taking the much time to answer my question so eloquently. So many of us are dealing with the same issues – do we vote for the person we think is the best (I like Kasich very much too) or the person who will beat Hillary. I happen to be of the mind that this year it’s the Year Of Voting for Who Will Win. The Rs have had such lousy candidates of late – 2008, ugh, McCain. No thanks. Palin, don’t get me started. 2012, Romney, one heck of a nice man but just so weak in terms of getting elected. I hearken back to the CNN debate when Candy Crawley “corrected” Mitt and Mitt just took it. He was worried about not being nice. I fear even if Kasich were to have enough delegates to stay in, he’s cut from the Romney mold – humble and kind. I’m looking for the barracuda, the shark, the killer whale who goes ballistic on Hillary and, takes her to task for every things she says she stands for and doesn’t really. That eliminates everyone except Trump. I heard that Jeb has called a meeting of Kasich, Cruz, and Rubio. Gee, what could that be about other than #DumpTrump.

          I’m not convinced Cruz would limit his evangelical style if elected. On the contrary, I think he’d make it the hallmark of his presidency. Not that having a strong faith is a bad thing (I’m a believer) but as you pointed out, Bible thumping makes a lot of Americans uncomfortable.

          As so many here have said, the Rs are a sorry bunch. They can’t seem to get their act together making it very tough to stand by their candidates.

          Thanks again for your comment, and good luck voting!

      • AJ

        Neil Bush, brother of Jeb and W, who was implicated in the Savings and Loan debacle, has joined the Ted Cruz national finance team — he is of the club: the one Newt Gingrich was referring to when he declared Trump was so hated because he was not a member. Cruz is NOT an outsider: not only did he attempt to illegally hide the fact that he was backed by Goldman but he also voted for the TPA and supports the TPP which would truly bring an END to American sovereignty.

        And have you seen the way he raises his hands to praise Jesus. He makes Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of the Praise The Lord Club look like honest, sane, rational people.

        Praise Jeezuz! C’mon, really? You’d vote for this whack job?

      • anonymous

        You Trump naysayers are all from the wrong demographic. There are not enough of you all to move the needle one iota. This election should be called what it is: the revenge of the proles. Trump is the only person that can beat Hillary. The media has been wrong about everything. If the republican establishment were smart (clearly, they are not) they would try and do a little horse trading and create a Trump/Cruz ticket. Kasich and Rubio do not matter any more. If you do not realize that then you are not really paying attention. Joe Sixpack and white women are going to decide this election…………………..everything else is just media blather. Once again, the media has been wrong about everything!

  6. Anonymous

    I agree with you EOSredux.

    Its going to be a long 8 years with the Clinton’s in the White House. Oh, and of course, her ecosystem of the Sid Blumenthal’s of the world.

  7. A Republican

    This is the Republicans fault for allowing far right religious and “family value” idiots to rule and direct the party for so long. I have to believe that most of America wants a President who is fiscally conservative, but socially middle of the road. Let’s face it though, all the politicians suck.

      • Chris, If you answered Yes and yes, why your support of Cruz? He’s about as far religious right and “family values” as anyone, even more than Huckabee. That’s why Cruz won Idaho.

        • Because anyone’s better than Hillary, and, except for her, anyone’s better than Trump.

          • You usually make sense but your logic here is, well, as my better half refers to it, Cindy-Logic. Cruz couldn’t win for love nor money. No way no how, last man standing on earth and he’d lose. Trump will come around. He’ll make his positions known. Just now he said he wouldn’t discount asking Rubio to be his VP. He’s not terribly couth, he’s not very genteel, but just LOOK at the exit polls where he wins – voters are effing sick and tired of couth and genteel. That’s how Romney LOST. Remember the old adage – Nice Guys Finish Last? Damn it I want an R in the White House and if it means I have to vote for Trump three times, I will. Maine is corrupting your values.

          • As I recall, your husband was a supporter of Mark Perry, so let’s leave his opinion out of this 🙂

          • It’s Rick Perry, but yes, true story.

          • Yeah well, his first name isn’t the only thing that’s been forgotten about the poor guy.

          • Ah yes. True again.

    • Anonymous

      The republican problem is their failed supply-side theory of government has been, and continues to be, their core message. Ever since Reagan, Republicans appealed to those who cling to guns and religion–the blue collar vote–by paying lip service to “values” (anti- same sex marriage, anti-abortion, anti-civil rights, pro religion, pro guns). The Republican passionately used these themes as a rallying cry, but in reality invested very little political capital in addressing this issue. The anger which i is fueling Trump’s anti-establishment message is finally coming to light because “the uneducated” (as Trump fondly calls the core of his supporters) are finally realizing that they have been getting stiffed for the past three decades — economic policies that did little for them with no movement on the social issues, other than gun rights, that they care about. Of course, they are about to be hoodwinked by Trump as well, but that is another storty.

  8. AJ and others view themselves as independent thinkers who can’t be swayed by Madison Avenue marketing and splashy slogans. Why have they fallen for Trump, the most content-free splashy brand around?

    The major media has invented this Cruz-is-not-nice theme because Cruz could win and therefore terrorizes them. Why does anyone fall for this media invention? And who cares, anyway? Does winning the Presidency demand niceness, like earning admission to a sorority at Ole Miss?

    You may not like him. But don’t bet against the smartest guy in the room.

  9. Anonymous

    Balzac….for all the “piled-on hatred” for Trump….you just don’t see any Cruz “friends” business colleagues, college roommates, people who worked for him saying anything nice. Give me someone who was close to him say something that closely resembles a person you want to have a cup of coffee and develop a plan.

    How the hell do you think Cruz is going to get any legislation passed. What track record other than shutting down the government, pouting like a impertinent child. Its my way or the highway…..and then he is the one standing alone on the fucking highway.

    At least Trump and Kashich have PROVEN track records; one in the private sector, the other in public sector.

    Oh, and Cruz is bat-shit crazy with this evangelistical religion crap. So is his father.

  10. Anon2: you didn’t affirm that “evangelistical religion” is “crap” by using the words “Praise the Lord” and “Amen” straight out of the Bible, did you?

    This is way too complex, and you’ve made my head overheat…….I’ll take a nap now and see if that helps…………….

    • Anonymous

      Balzac….The polls, the pundits, the media, the Republican elites have been WRONG with every state vote. I disagree that Madison Avenue created Trump—au contraire—you must admit that virtually every media outlet and pundit hates the guy—his brand going into every election is as bad as it gets—and yet he wins—and wins big.

      Why he wins: because in fact he doesnt have Madison Avenue giving him the talking points, what to say in polite company….he calls it out as it is. And, to here that Jeb Bush is calling a caucus without Trump—well, that certainly feeds into Trump’s narrative.

  11. Anonymous

    who can forget Mitt Romney’s 52 Point Plan…..

    the guy really needed to stop trying so hard and just be himself.

    • The trouble with a 52-point plan is that the “experts” you’re trying to impress don’t care- they hate you anyway, and the vast majority of voters have no taste for reading or listening to much more than sound bites.
      Trump gets that, while Mitt Romney was the Adlai Stevenson of our time.

  12. Anonymous

    CF…precisely. Its truly a lack of common sense by Romney to not just simply come up with 10 top themes….and bundle all your subsidiary ideas in those top 10.

    Trump is Ivy League trained, business savvy, and most importantly STREET SMART and gets the short attention span of the average American.

    Cruz, is also a great speaker and debater—but he has a didactic, annoying high pitched twang that grates after about 5 minutes.

    • AnonandAnon

      You made it through 5 minutes of Cruz-speak? Give that man a gold medal. My personal best is 41.2 seconds. 🙂