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50 Cat rock

50 Cat Rock Road

50 Cat Rock, asking $3.095, reports a contingent contract. Owners paid $3.250 for it in 2007 but then, that was 2007.

1 White Birch

1 White Birch Lane

And at the other end of Cat Rock, 1 White Birch Lane took  a modest price cut, to $1.845. White Birch is just off Stanwich, so it’s easy to get to. This is a 1936 house, updated in 1985, so it could use some more – estate sales often do, but real grace and charm, and the price seems right.


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17 responses to “Real estate news

  1. Cos Cobber

    1 White Birch seems like a good deal for the buyer. You can renovate this place at your own pace in the years to come while having a very presentable home in the short term.

    • Agreed. I think you could spend a lot more to get a lot less house in the North Street district.

      • anonymous

        Double agree. The only major alterations I’d make is changing out the kitchen flooring and I’d add a front door overhang. Otherwise, it’s a matter of a paint brush, if even that since the paint colors look quite reasonable. Lovely home and glad to see the original tile bathroom is still intact.

    • Anonymous

      I had the pleasure of knowing the charming woman who lived in this house with her family and who died far too young. I hope another family will be as happy there as she was. Greenwich Oldtimer

  2. Cos Cobber

    Dude, some more Cobby activity today. 32 Butler, a starter home of sorts at 885k has a contract, 50 Cat Rock listed for $3M (CC zip/NS schools) has a contract and 5 Osceola, (gwich zip, Cos Cob schools) for $2M has a contract. I also see 11 Circle (gwich zip, CC schools) for $2M is no longer on zillow…must be close to closing that one.

  3. Flash

    Cat rock house was a no brainer. That has to be one of the better buys of this yr.

  4. Anonymous

    I thought Cat Rock was asking $2.99m and owners paid $3.1m in 2008……three facts wrong out of three me thinks Mr Fountain. Anyway, contract in less than two weeks is impressive.

    • Dropped the zero from “50”, and ended up with a photo of 5. Facts are right, address is now corrected.
      (And I wrote nothing about time on market but if you’re curious, it took 183 days and one price cut)

  5. Anonymous

    Two appealing homes. I love the back of White Birch.

  6. Publius

    If I were looking to buy in Greenwich, I would take White Birch. Nice proportions, good lot size. It can use some updating, as most houses do, but nothing in my view that would break the bank. One of the better values IMHO of those recently posted on this blog.

  7. CT2CA

    The pic of Cat Rock is not the same one that is in the link. Where is this house- it is a lot nicer! 🙂

    PS- White Birch looks to be the best value in Greenwich!

    • I can’t seem to get 5 Cat Rock out of the system, but perhaps I’ve succeeded, finally. In any event, the link I mistakenly supplied went to 5 Cat Rock – this one is 50.