Wickham Hill Lane contract

23 Wyckham Hill

23 Wickham Hill Lane

23 Wyckam Hill, asking $3.795 million. It’s a lot of house for the money, if you like this sort of thing, and it’s on the non-Merritt side of the road, so that helps. Owners paid $3.150 for it in 2002, added on and refurbished it, so if they get $3.5, they’re in decent shape.

Not sure whether this price will impact 7 Wyckam, which has been on the market since 2013, when it started at $12.150 and has now dropped to $8.695, but it’s never helpful to be the would-be seller of a house that’s priced far higher than anything else on the street. The houses aren’t comparable, but the street is.



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6 responses to “Wickham Hill Lane contract

  1. Anonymous

    That is one hell of a deal for the buyer.

    • Anonymous

      Lovely house I don’t know the street except that it is convenient to Merritt but seems like a good deal for somebody.

  2. James

    What do you mean if you like this sort of thing? Looks great?

  3. Cos Cobber

    The exterior is one of the best of the late 80s vintage I have seen. You don’t have to tear this one down…refreshing.