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He should be given the Presidential Medal of Freedom, not handcuffs

bill and barry medal of freedom

Take it back from these guys and pass it to someone who deserves it

Chicago police charge man with felony for jamming cellphones in subway, despite his explanation that “he just wanted to get a little peace and quiet”.

Bring him east, to Metro-North.


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And a price cut in Old Greenwich

1 Keofferam

One Keofferam Road

1 Keofferam Road, down from $3.195 million to $2.749. It’s a beautiful old home (1910) and a pleasant, if narrow-roomed first floor, but to me, it “falls apart upstairs”, as we agents sometimes warn each other on open house tours. Nothing bad up those stairs, but it will take just the right family to make it work. Half the second floor is devoted to the master bedroom, bath and a huge closet, leaving room for just two additional bedrooms, sharing a bathroom reached by a walk down a corridor. There is a potential bedroom, with bath, on the third floor, where you could stash a teenager if you wanted to allow him some privacy for his drug business, and a “maybe” bedroom above the garage – see previous comment; maybe your boy is really entrepreneurial and requires more space.

All that said, if you don’t need more than three real bedrooms, or can use five, spread out, this works nicely. Great location.


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Another price cut on Midwood

17 Midwood Drive

The house that Kimberly Timbers built – and got sued for its efforts

17 Midwood Drive, which started off under Ogilvy in 2014 at $5.750 in 2014, picked up a new broker and a new price awhile ago, and is now marked down again, to $3.995 million. Decent enough house, I suppose, but the modular construction (NTTAWWT) and what appears to be staged furniture retrieved from a cheap warehouse don’t help its chances.

You could be buying a bit of history, though: The case of Nusbaum vs. Kimberly Timbers LTD established the law (in favor of the defendant) on the enforceability of arbitration clauses even when they run counter to statutory laws like our Home Improvement statute.

Whether that’s enough to induce anyone but a lawyer to spring for this house is open to question.


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Oh, just shut up

Indian chieftress

Build me a land bridge

Asian immigrants accuse J.K. Rowling of “cultural appropriation” for referencing American Indian witches.


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