And a price cut in Old Greenwich

1 Keofferam

One Keofferam Road

1 Keofferam Road, down from $3.195 million to $2.749. It’s a beautiful old home (1910) and a pleasant, if narrow-roomed first floor, but to me, it “falls apart upstairs”, as we agents sometimes warn each other on open house tours. Nothing bad up those stairs, but it will take just the right family to make it work. Half the second floor is devoted to the master bedroom, bath and a huge closet, leaving room for just two additional bedrooms, sharing a bathroom reached by a walk down a corridor. There is a potential bedroom, with bath, on the third floor, where you could stash a teenager if you wanted to allow him some privacy for his drug business, and a “maybe” bedroom above the garage – see previous comment; maybe your boy is really entrepreneurial and requires more space.

All that said, if you don’t need more than three real bedrooms, or can use five, spread out, this works nicely. Great location.


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18 responses to “And a price cut in Old Greenwich

  1. Anonymous

    Cute house, but dated and cheap renovation and bad layout doesn’t work at $2.8m in a weakening OG market.

  2. Anonymous

    Lots of 3M+ stuff in OG has been sitting for a very long time.

  3. Annonie

    Another not that popular Tudor style but great location.

  4. Xyzzy

    Did someone remove a bedroom? Thought I looked at this house ten years ago and it had more bedrooms in the main house. Maybe I am thinking of the house next door

  5. anon

    Since the dawn of HGTV and House Hunters, buyers have unreasonable expectations/demands. An old home is almost always going to have a quirky second floor layout. To try and put today’s layout expectations on it is ludicrous. This home looks perfectly fine to me so maybe it needs to be marketed to empty nesters who are downsizing where the other bedrooms upstairs are only used by visiting grandchildren.

    • HGTV Etc. have indeed changed tastes and expectations. Unfortunately, that translates to trouble for older, “quirky” (I’d call them interesting, non-cookie cutter) homes.

    • Pick Me Out A Winner Bobby

      Buyers are the market.
      They will pay for what THEY WANT.
      If you don’t have what they want, your house becomes an empty storefront.
      Adapt or die.

      • Anonymous

        You’re right, I should do that! In fact, l’ll start by moving my 7,000 sq ft house to your postage stamp in Riverside. Will the strip of grass behind your house do? Once we’re in, I’ll get the boys on the demo+rebuild pronto. That way, we’ll be in compliance with your directives. Sound good?

        • Cos Cobber

          Yes, if you want to make $. The market is what it is. Democracy.

        • Anonymous

          Cobber, I understand the need to make a property as marketable/saleable as possible, but the bottom line is that a house is NOT like a piece of merchandise you can buy or sell in a store. The idea that sellers are automatically turned into retailers minding their storefronts – who can dispense with unsaleable inventory, write it off as a loss on their balance sheets, and order in new items is nonsensical. Only a generation that considers people “brands”, and their children and pets extensions thereof, would come up with this crap. Sellers cannot physically move their houses into the latest trendy neighborhood at will, and it’s not fiscally viable for most people to raze and rebuild their current structures. Most of us aren’t builders, either.

        • Pick Me Out A Winner Bobby

          7000 sq.ft wow, that’s Uuuge!
          Unfortunately moving your house would most likely damage it even worse than its current sad state.
          Good luck finding property in riverside👌.
          I think the eyes are lying to ya big time fella
          Look at the bright side, you definitely won’t have to pay any capital gains, and may even be able deduct some losses, somewhere!?
          Do you get points for negative equity?
          Either way it sounds like you’re stucco palace is either underwater, or under-seawater.
          Pancakes at the Lions Club party tomorrow?

      • Anonymous

        You should change your name to Call Me a Douche Bag.

  6. RaisedInRiverside

    I love (actually prefer) old homes with character, but I walked this one and the layout felt very choppy. A poorly-done addition, maybe? Can’t quite remember, but it was odd. But, great location, pretty exterior – there’s hope in the high 2s.

  7. Matt

    I love the house. Enough bedrooms for my family. Perfect location, a quick pedal to the beach or village. Nice yard (I would get rid of the koi pond). That room above the garage would be where you could find me after the kids are asleep or on Football Sunday. Too bad I wasn’t a more motivated student back in the day.

  8. anonymouse

    One of the grand old homes of OG. I would hate to see it go in the trash heap.