And one more price cut, just in time for weekend shoppers

474 North Street

474 North Street

474 North Street drops from $3.595 million to $3.495, though I’m not sure why they bothered; go big or the shoppers will stay home, in my experience. And speaking of experience, this house has a lot of it in terms of market exposure, having started at $5.495 million back in 2006 and returning, again and again, to test the still-hostile waters. I showed it to clients in, I think, 2012 or 2013, when it had dropped to the low $4s, but they weren’t inclined to pay more than low $3s, given a few of its quirks, its rather tired condition after being rented out, and its immediate proximity to the road. The owners did not invite any bid that wasn’t close to their ask, so we passed. Sellers like this like to say, “no one’s going to steal my house!”, and they’re right. Problem is, no one is going to buy it either.

All that said, you can fix everything except the location here, and it’s, all in all, a decent house. After 10 years, its price seems to be approaching a reasonable level. Who knows? Maybe the owners won’t still own this in 2026.


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4 responses to “And one more price cut, just in time for weekend shoppers

  1. Cobra

    Link isn’t working.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Its in really decent shape and the grounds are particularly tidy. But, its a modular – you can see that in its rectangular exterior and classic modular sized interior rooms. No one wants a $4M modular unless it really doesn’t look like a modular.

  3. What Up With Dat?

    9 Mackenzie Glen is right next door, both 2006 builds, 1.2 acres, 6300 vs 6483 sf except 9 Mac lists at $5.4M. What up with that? Thoughts?