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I got it right this time

5 cat rock

5 Cat Rock

Last week, writing about a contract for 50 Cat Rock Road, I inadvertently illustrated it with a picture of no. 5 Cat Rock. Today 5 Cat Rock reports a contract, so now I can confuse the two and it won’t matter, because they both enjoy the same status. But beware: the GML seems to be yanking public information on listings just as soon as they go to contract, so this is link is a left over to its original listing. The Greenwich Association of Realtors: “Service R us”.

Buyers paid $3.1 for it, new, in 2008, and listed it this time for $2.999. It’s found a buyer in just 20 days, so the final selling price should be very close to the ask. So not bad.


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To the tragedy of the brutal attack, add some very bad real estate advice

261 Round Hill Road

261 Round Hill Road

261 Round Hill Road is back on the market after expiring last week (link goes to an expired listing, because the new one isn’t up yet), and has dropped $3, from $5.998 million to $5.995.

This place started at $7.299 million in 2010, was withdrawn from the market in the summer of 2013 after the wife was almost murdered by her husband, then came back one year later with a new broker and a new price: $10.995 (!). The new lady agent apparently thought, bizarrely, that the notoriety of the attack would add zest to the place and justify a higher price.

It didn’t, nor did it sell, and the price has slowly dropped over the ensuing years.We’ll see whether this three -dollar drop dos the trick.

To remind readers, this is the home of the poor woman who was so badly beaten with a baseball bat by her no-good husband. Somehow she survived, but there is certainly a creepy, skin-crawling stigma attached to the place, and I’m sure that’s daunting to buyers. Especially when there are so many other homes up here in this price range to choose from.

And adding insult to injury, it’s one ugly house.

Back in 2014, I predicted it would sell for its land value, which I estimated at around $3.5 million, and razed. I might drop that number a bit now, given the drop in land values up there.


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“Because that’s where the money is”

NYC homeless shelter

Yoo hoo, Santiago, you under this blanket?

NYC cops look in homeless shelters for criminals with outstanding warrants, “critics” complain that’s unfair.

For law enforcement, city shelters offer easy pickings, a convenient spot to net suspects facing both serious and not-so-serious crimes.

This is apparently well known in law enforcement circles. Squads from the NYPD and the city Department of Homeless Services conducted most of the warrant raids, but cops from Hudson County, N.J., and Suffolk County, L.I., also showed up with paper in hand.

Not everyone is happy about this. Critics say the warrant raids scare some from seeking shelter in the first place.

“If the NYPD is using the homeless housing system as a lure to arrest people in this city, it has essentially replaced the old abuses of stop-and-frisk with the new abuses of bait-and-switch,” said the Rev. David Brawley, co-chairman of East Brooklyn Congregations/Metro IAF.

You’d think getting murderers and rapists off the streets and even out of homeless shelters would be a good thing for the community, black or white, but apparently it’s just another example of the Man picking on African Americans and bums.


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The neighbors may say no, but Peter and Drew say, “maybe”

helicopter crash into home II

Okay, so that’ll be an oops

Greenwich Hospital wants to be build a helicopter -pad on the roof, presumably to get its executives to their banks faster.

In a proposal that has the potential of sending Perryridge Road properties soaring due to faster access to medical care in New Haven (and giving any hedge funders on the street a quicker start to their own visits to Cayman Island banks), our local hospital wants to bring in helicopter flights.

Selectman Drew Marzullo, who is a longtime employee of the Greenwich Emergency Medical Service, said he this week he is open to the idea.

As for Tesei, he told FWIW, “if the people up at Chieftains can put up with jets flying 25-feet overhead, the folks in Central Greenwich can do it too. If it saves just one child’s life ….”


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Well that’s often what happens when we do bad things

Lincoln assassination

“Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

Feeling sorry for Judas – theologians look back at Judas Iscariot and want us to be more


Rev [Kate] Bottley, who appears on Channel 4 show Gogglebox, echoed Bishop Baines’ views and described Judas as ‘a shadowy figure’.

She said: ‘Up until that moment of betrayal, Judas seems no better or worse than any of the other disciples.

‘But he has been defined by the worst thing he did.’

I don’t give a fig about any of this, but was struck by Reverend Kate’s worry over someone being defined by the worst act of his life. She seems a most generous and forgiving sort.


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