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That 70s look

The post below on 309 Round Hill Road spurred me to look for images of the 1970s home and not only did I find some, I stumbled across this horrifying news: the look may be coming back.

[E] ven if you’re not looking to create a retro-room, the ’70s was not the design debacle era that you might think it was. Much of what came to be during that decade is highly adaptable to our 21st century.

Take a look at some examples.

Shag Carpets and Rugs


Shag carpets are one item that was very popular in the 1970s. They are still available at some carpet outlets. They can be found in gold and brown tones that were so popular back in the day. A more ‘controlled’ alternative in recent years has been the shag area rug, very often contrasted to the smoothness of a wood floor, or a tile floor.


These have already metastasized in Greenwich

The eat-at bar and decorative stools were also common in the 1970s and are a simple addition to your home. The bars traditionally included storage space for kitchen items with a tabletop that was smooth and colored to match your kitchen.


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Old and in the way

309 round hill rd

309 Round Hill Road

309 Round Hill Road, which came on the MLS yesterday as a residential listing asking $1.950 million, was also listed as land today, for the same price, naturally. It’s just 2 acres in the 4-acre zone and abuts the Parkway, so I don’t expect it to fly off the shelf, but the fact that a 1973 home is already considered both disposable and of no value is sort of interesting.

Not that I disagree: 1973 was not known for its architectural triumphs and this one represents that epoch perfectly, with its vertical siding, detached garage and limited space.

Still, I know some people born in that decade and I’m not certain they’re disposable, yet.

UPDATE: But some may be. Out of curiosity, I just looked up Peter Tesei to see when he was born: 1969. That’s close enough for him to be lumped in with 70s architecture, I think.



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Obama continues unbroken streak, nominates another Harvard lad to Supreme Court


I wonder if, someday, my boy will grow up to be a justice of the Supreme Court?

Obama will nominate U.S. District Court of Appeals judge  Merrick Garland, a 63-year-old white Jewish male Harvard Law graduate, to replace Anton Scalia today, thus continuing a tradition of appointing only judges who matriculated at Harvard or Yale.

“Quite frankly,” the president told FWIW, “there are no other law schools worth any sort of attention, and besides, with all 8 surviving justices coming from those schools and still mourning the loss of another Harvidian, I’d hate to make them uncomfortable by forcing them to rub shoulders with some bit of white trash from, say, the University of Chicago. I mean diversity is one thing, breaking tradition is another.”

There’s not a chance in Hell this poor sacrificial lamb is going to see the Supreme Court doing Obama’s tenure, but it’s a safe bet that the person who’s next nominated will also be a grad of the requisite Ivy.

Unless Trump wins; then all bets are off – he might even return to the old practice of picking non-judges.


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This is great news; they’ll stay in Cambridge in their ivory tower and won’t inflict their pestilent presence on the rest of us


No tourism for us, thank you, we’re British

Cambridge students force cancellation of “Orient Express” party because it perpetrates something called “tourist privilege”.


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