Old and in the way

309 round hill rd

309 Round Hill Road

309 Round Hill Road, which came on the MLS yesterday as a residential listing asking $1.950 million, was also listed as land today, for the same price, naturally. It’s just 2 acres in the 4-acre zone and abuts the Parkway, so I don’t expect it to fly off the shelf, but the fact that a 1973 home is already considered both disposable and of no value is sort of interesting.

Not that I disagree: 1973 was not known for its architectural triumphs and this one represents that epoch perfectly, with its vertical siding, detached garage and limited space.

Still, I know some people born in that decade and I’m not certain they’re disposable, yet.

UPDATE: But some may be. Out of curiosity, I just looked up Peter Tesei to see when he was born: 1969. That’s close enough for him to be lumped in with 70s architecture, I think.



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5 responses to “Old and in the way

  1. I blame the Brady Bunch

    that old Macintosh brings back the memories…

  2. P

    WHAT is that woman in the photo on the left hand sized of the kitchen table putting in her mouth?! She sure looks mesmerized by it.

  3. Anonymous

    Those 70’s were my years—polyester suits, bell bottoms, …vinyl shoes….along with Mercury Cougar cars and the rest….