That 70s look

The post below on 309 Round Hill Road spurred me to look for images of the 1970s home and not only did I find some, I stumbled across this horrifying news: the look may be coming back.

[E] ven if you’re not looking to create a retro-room, the ’70s was not the design debacle era that you might think it was. Much of what came to be during that decade is highly adaptable to our 21st century.

Take a look at some examples.

Shag Carpets and Rugs


Shag carpets are one item that was very popular in the 1970s. They are still available at some carpet outlets. They can be found in gold and brown tones that were so popular back in the day. A more ‘controlled’ alternative in recent years has been the shag area rug, very often contrasted to the smoothness of a wood floor, or a tile floor.


These have already metastasized in Greenwich

The eat-at bar and decorative stools were also common in the 1970s and are a simple addition to your home. The bars traditionally included storage space for kitchen items with a tabletop that was smooth and colored to match your kitchen.


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41 responses to “That 70s look

  1. Riverside Chick

    Tangerine and olive, the most heinous color combo ever! Please tell me this is not coming back!

  2. housecat

    Is she promising free reading comprehension classes, too?

  3. Who knows? Plumbing fixtures may return in designer colors

    • Riverside Chick

      No wonder why people did massive amounts of drugs in the 70’s. It was to deal with the decor!

  4. Please don’t admit to being a college student; it’s so sad

    • Anonymous

      Cmon grandpa it’s ok to be a loner I mean it’s well known everyone in Greenwich real estate despise a creepy grandpa who hides behind his old computer. Now you can go and chant your republican Nazi song

    • Anonymous

      We should have a contest to guess it’s major. My bet is “Studies” is in there.

  5. Walt

    Dude –

    “The look may be coming back”. May be coming back!! Like mirrored ceilings, shag rugs, round water beds and leopard print could ever go out of style!! They are timeless. Ageless. CLASSICS!!

    Could “Mark Twain” ever go out of style? Could the Bible ever be dated? “The Catcher in the Rye” unfashionable? Tuxedos? Playboy magazine? THEY ARE ALL TIMELESS!! They NEVER go out of style.

    Or are you just being farcical, and I fell for it? That must be it! In which case, you deserve this, my niggah:

    Your Pal,

  6. Biff Beau Boodle

    I miss the avocado appliances.

  7. Anonymous

    Every time I see Hillary I think of a dog. Now I know why.

  8. Anonymous

    coming back…darl’n the 70’s look has been in play for at least the last 5 years— not only in home decor but in women and men’s fashion.

  9. Anonymous

    Both educated Democrats and Republicans don’t particularly care for Trump. It is folks who are the rank and file middle class, particularly ones that feel abandoned by the Democrat party who are crossing over to support Trump. Add to this the folks who Obama mocked as clinging to guns and religion.

    So there you go.

    • Anonymous

      God forbid we should say ” lower class ” and ” working class” anymore or ” upper class ” for that matter .

  10. This post made me laugh out loud.

    I remember thinking how utterly COOL I was in 1972 that my apartment landlord bought for me an avocado green fridge with matching washer and dryer! When I owned my first home, I couldn’t wait to decorate it with ‘valuable art work’ – large pieces of bold Marimekko fabric stretched on a frame. If that wasn’t cool enough, I gutted and redid a kitchen and put in it a bright red Kohler kitchen sink, white melamine cabinets and my countertops, wow, the essence of cool, Formica ‘butcherblock’!! Add my personal cool factor sporting Frye boots, a fringed vest, and a boyfriend with really long hair back in a pony tail! Quite the picture eh? Bring it all back I say. Those were some groovy times.

  11. Earth Ocean, you are too funny. While the gals may have loved their 70s kitchens, we loved our 70s cars. They say that every man is in love with the car which he was in love with when he was 18. Here’s mine, the coolest car in France back then. Like a lot of Italian girls, the best view is from behind……
    Anyone else have a nominee for coolest teenager car, 1977?

  12. That was a photo of a Lancia Fulvia. And how does one embed a photo?
    I’m a klutz at this, apparently……

  13. Greenfield Hiller

    Blending the comments (prospect of Trump or Hillary) with the thread topic (the ’70’s comeback), I say: just shoot me now. That being the only logical conclusion for a sentient human being…

  14. If the Republicans were as crafty and as determined as Democrats, they would pull a switcheroo and substitute Kasich, Cruz, Romney, Ryan, anybody for Trump, who is sure to lose.

    In 1982, the Democratic voters had chosen in their primary to put forth Robert Torricelli for the Senate seat. This was an easy choice since Torricelli was the incumbent: he already had the seat and was running for re-election. However, he was an awful candidate (donor corruption) and the polls showed he was going to lose to the Republican. A rare thing in New Jersey! So in October, a month before the election, the party elders (the crafty adults) simply disregarded their own primary rules, and disregarded the will of their own primary voters who had voted for and nominated Torricelli. The party elders substituted the popular Frank Lautenberg, a former US Senator who had retired 2 years earlier and wasn’t running.

    Naturally Lautenberg won in a landslide, saving the Senate seat for the Dems.

    This is a case where the party professionals read the polls and predicted a loss. They did something about it, even if that something completely disenfranchised the Democratic primary voters who had chosen Torricelli: (Lautenberg wasn’t even running.) The adults were concerned with winning. And the adults chose a candidate who could win. And did.

    The stupid Republicans are likely to back Trump even if he enters the convention with 45% of the votes when 51% is required, even though he is a joke candidate. Trump, like Torricelli, is a flawed candidate who is sure to lose.

    (Latest poll- Hillary over Trump by 13 points: not even close. Trump has the highest negatives of any candidate ever, and that’s before Hillary and the media start to damage him. Get your portfolio ready for the Hillary presidency. It will be the same as the Obama presidency: a failure.)

  15. Anonymous

    Balzac….dont count me in to vote for Cruz, Romney, Ryan….

    Its Kasich or someone new….no more retreads or wacky religious type for me. BTW, Ryan has Rubio’s problem…needs more years behind him before ready for the top dog position.

  16. Yos

    Walt will tell you that “shag carpet” has nothing to do with the nap. The perv.